Tech Tidbits with Traci

May 11th, 2015

A Technology Newsletter from Porter Elementary School in Porter, Texas USA

Library Due Dates

All student books need to be turned in by May 15th. They will still come to the library for the next two weeks, but all books must be turned in by that time so Ms. Womack and I can start working on the library inventory.

Teachers books and resources need to be turned in June 12th at 12:00. Any items that you want back for next year should be labeled with your name on them. It would be helpful if you could turn anything in that you will not be using for flex week before it starts. The more we have turned in the less we have to track down for inventory.

Assessment/Review Tool

As you're helping students review for final exams, try this new tool.Quizizz is a free quiz game that allows you to create your own review questions or use those already created by other educators. If you're using someone else's questions, then no registration is required. Just find the quiz you want and go. Students will be prompted to go to a website and enter a code on any device and then the quiz will begin.

Teachers can customize quizzes by jumbling the order of the questions, showing the leaderboard to students, showing the answers at the end of the quiz, showing memes after each question, and awarding more points for faster answers.


All teacher laptops will be re-imaged in the coming weeks. If you do not want to lose what is saved on your hard drive then you either need to upload the files into Google Drive or you need to save them on a flash drive. If you missed the March Tech Tuesday where I did this please see me if you need assistance. Once you have saved your files you need to go into Eduphoria and put in a help desk ticket for Mrs. Waggoner to come and re-image your laptop.


Technology items that are checked out to staff through the library circulation system

  • Ex: document camera, projector, mimio, etc.... This does not include tablets and chromebooks.
  • These items can be left in your classroom if you have a place to lock them up safely
  • Teachers that are not returning or do not have a secure place to lock them up will need to turn them these items in before having their check-out sheet signed.
  • If you are not returning your laptop and iPads will need to be turned in to Mrs. Bertrand during check-out.

PK - 2 Chromebook carts and Tablets

  • These items will be turned in to the library for the summer. Mrs. Waggoner will clean the outside of them during this time. Your apps will not be wiped from the devices.
  • Please put a post-it on each of your tablet and Chromebook boxes so that you will get the same equipment back next year.
  • Chromebook Carts and keys will be turned in by the team leader before the end of the year. These will be used during technology camp this summer.

3rd -5th Grade

  • Please go through and check Chromebooks now for damage and put a work order in for Mrs. Waggoner so the parts can be ordered to fix them. Keep checking periodically till the end of the year.
  • Place CB's in the tower and turn in keys for the tower to Mrs. Melly. This will be part of the sign-out sheet for end of the year procedures.
  • Towers can not be moved over the summer. The custodians will wax around them.