Newtons Laws Of Motion

BY:Alex Kougias

Newtons First Law Inertia

Newtons first law of Inertia states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted by an unbalanced force.For example if you are driving a car and you get in a wreck and you do not have a seat belt on you will probable fly out of the car.But if you have a seat belt on you have an unbalanced force to stop you from flying out of the car.Another example would be a base ball the base ball will keep on moving but if someone caught the base ball that would be the unbalanced force to stop the ball from moving

Newton Second Law Acceleration

The definition of acceleration is the rate of change in velocity per unit of time. For example a space rocket it has to get a lot of speed to get out of the earths atmosphere. All of that gas that is in the space craft is going to be pushed down with so much force that it will take off then it will accelerate at a tremendous amount of speed.another example is a car the car has a motor and the motor makes the wheels move so the faster the motor runs the faster the car goes.Different than a rocket

Newtons Third Law Action Reaction

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction force.Forces always come in pairs known as Action Reaction Pairs. for example a state board you push your foot and the state board moves.Another example is a pengelem one ball goes up and hits the others and the other ball goes up and it is just a cycle like that
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