Jack and the Giant Killer

BY Ashley

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack, his father died six years ago. One day Jack and his mother had no money no food or drinks, so Jacks mother told him to sell the cow.

So Jack was trying to sell the cow but nobody wanted the cow. But then an old man came and said, “I will give you this magic beans s for your cow. So Jack gave him the cow for magic beans. Then Jack went home.

When Jack want home his mother, said, “How mach money did you get Jack” Jack said,“Well I sort of gave the cow to an old man for this magic beans.” Jack’s mum didn’t believe Jack so she took the magic beans and threw them out of the window.

Jack want straight to bed. the next morning Jack looked out and of the window and saw a huge giant beanstalk. Not just Jack saw the beanstalk but the whole village saw it too

So Jack climbed the beanstalk and some of the villagers did as well. They found a huge castle on the end of the beanstalk, the castle was so huge it’s bigger than the whole entire village.

Than they saw a giant the giant was sleeping. They all sneaked on to the huge table and then they saw a little chicken that lays golden eggs. The villagers shouted out, That chicken just laid an golden egg!!

Then the giant woke up.Jack and the villagers run down the huge table and want out the door. The giant was only chased Jack because he had the in his hands.

beanstalk. Poor giant that fell into a huge whole and dead.

The End