Meadowview News and Notes

February 2014

Mark Your Calendar!

Monday, February 10th - Second Quarter Report Cards Sent Home

Tuesday, February 11th - Market Day pick up 5:00-7:00 PM

Tuesday, February 11th - District Spelling Bee 1:00-3:00 PM, @ Woodridge Park District

Wednesday, February 12th - Child's Play Assembly 1:00 PM

Thursday, February 13th - PTO Meeting 7:00 PM

Friday, February 14th - AR Goals Assembly (Grades 2-6) 1:30 PM

Friday, February 14th - 100's Day Party 2:00 PM

Monday, February 17th - President's Day - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, February 19th - Elementary Band Concert (5:30 PM Dinner) Band Performs at 6:30 PM @ JJH

Monday, February 24th - School Board Meeting 7:30 @JJH (Meadowview Student Council Representatives Recite the Pledge of Allegiance)

Tuesday, February 25th - Digital Age - Parent Program 6:30 PM @ Meadowview

Thursday, February 27th - EC Field Trip to Pump It Up

Thursday, February 27th - 5th Grade Field Trip to Robert Crown (AM)

Friday, February 28th - County Institute Day - NO SCHOOL

Friday, February 28th - Family Fun Fair 6:00 PM @ Meadowview

Meadowview Spelling Bee 2014

Congratulations to the following fourth through sixth graders for their efforts in the Meadowview Spelling Bee!

4th Grade

Aubreyana Collins

Ben Adjokatcher

Rishendri Canakapelli

Jake Rhode (Building Champion)

5th Grade

Mir Ali

Pentrick Chen

Danny Bancoro

Jackie Barba

Moizz Bhatti (Building Runner-up)

Osman Khan

6th Grade

Camryn Telles

Cady Murphy

Derek Ferraro

Donovan Jandes

Building champion fourth grader,Jake Rhode, and runner up fifth grader, Moizz Bhatti, will be representing us in the District Spelling Bee on Tuesday, February 11th. We are proud of all the top spellers who took part in our Spelling Bee!

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The Digital Age - Is My Child Ready?

Join Woodridge Police Officer, Jeff Bean, for this informative meeting that will:

  • Discuss the benefits and dangers of social networking sites
  • Show parents what our kids are really doing online and with mobile phone apps
  • Review state laws on cyber-bullying, as well as District 68 policy
  • Discuss survey results taken from students here in District 68 about the topics of cyber-bullying and social networking
  • Offer suggestions and solutions for parents on how we can work together to keep our kids safe in this ever-changing digital age

* This meeting is open to all parents of both elementary and junior high students. Choose one of two convenient north side and south side locations.

Thursday, February 13th, 6:30 PM

Edgewood School, 7900 Woodridge Drive

Tuesday, February 25th, 6:30 PM

Meadowview School, 2525 Mitchell Drive

Physical Education News

In Physical Education class, students are continuing a fun and exciting hybrid of dance and basketball for an eight week duration (4 weeks of each unit alternating on a weekly basis). Students have recently finished up square dancing and learned the basics of working with a partner while being in a group of 8 to form a square and dance using the classics such as the do-si-do, allemande, and everyone’s favorite, the right hand-left hand star formation! In the remaining weeks of the dance unit, students will learn line dances and also create a short dance using their previous knowledge to a song picked by the teacher. How exciting!

In the basketball unit, students across the board are working hard to improve their dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. Fun and adventurous games have been put in to supplement practice time so that students can be active while learning these essential skills of basketball. Ask your child if they remember the 3 steps to dribbling a basketball correctly! The latter portion of the basketball unit will comprise of shooting basics (using the BEEF method) and also small games to assess students’ skills in dribbling, passing, and shooting. What a busy time of year in physical education with dance and basketball!

Art News

The art room is buzzing with activity as the first through sixth grade students have continued working in the various Media Centers and growing in their artistic skills.

Artistic behavior skills involve:

· Setting up your work space.

· Exploring and experimenting with materials and ideas.

· Creating original works of art based on the artist’s ideas, interests and experiences.

· Taking care of the space and supplies.

· Reflecting on completed works of art.

· Sharing your artwork with others.

The Sculpture Center is now open and students are exploring the use of three-dimensional materials such as wood, wire, plastic “junk” and cardboard forms. Fifth graders are also working in paper mache, creating mask forms. Another new center is the Fiber Center. Second graders learned how to do basic running stitches back in first grade and are now putting that skill to use making pillows and other fabric forms. Third graders are excited about using the sewing machine to create their three dimensional soft sculptures.

Fourth graders are just wrapping up a collaborative drawing project where they observed examples of Oaxacan woodcarvings from Mexico. They then worked in small groups combining various animals to create their own large, imaginative and patterned creatures.

Sixth graders are honing their drawing skills by doing observational drawing of animal and human forms. They are also learning how to show three-dimensional space on a flat surface by doing perspective drawings.

Music Notes

Kindergarten is developing their ear by echoing rhythm and tonal patterns, a skill which will continue to be developed in the later grades. They are also playing on the bell sets. The song we are working on is called “Ebeneezer Sneezer.”

The first and second graders have been playing the Orff xylophones and metalaphones to create an accompaniment for a song they have been singing. First graders are performing “I See the Moon” and the second graders are performing “Oh Watch the Stars.”

The third graders are beginning to learn about the names of the notes on the treble clef staff. We have been reading a story called “Freddie the Frog: A Thump in the Night” to help us identify the notes and their names.

The fourth graders are preparing to play the recorders. We are reviewing note names and learning about recorder care and playing techniques.

The fifth graders are playing the recorders and are in their second year. We are working on improving our playing technique as well as learning new notes and songs.

The sixth graders are in the midst of the guitar unit. We are learning how to read a chord diagram and how to apply it to the instrument.

Band Beats by Mr. Payne

Solo and Ensemble Festival

District 68 band students participated in the annual Solo and Ensemble Festival, on

Wednesday, January 30th, at Jefferson JHS. Students were scheduled into 10- minute time slots for performances of solos, duets, trios, or mini bands. These performances were student-led and in front of invited audiences (not the entire gymnasium full of parents and guests). Clinicians scored the performances on musical elements, such as tone, rhythm, style, etc. The students did an excellent job on their performances and earned certificates or medals.


The next evening concert will be held on Tuesday, February 12th, at Jefferson JHS. Featuring a catered dinner at 5:30 PM, the evening will include performances by the First Year Band and the Second Year Band beginning at 7:00 PM. The dinner will feature Italian beef sandwiches (or veggie sandwiches upon request in advance) from Doggie Diner and all proceeds will benefit the band kids.


Our student patrols cannot be asked to stand outside when the weather is frigid, so your guidance in getting your child safely to school (and out of the car) will be even more important when the wind chill or regular temperature dips below 0 degrees. Thank you for your patience and understanding during drop off and pick up!

Emergency School Closing Information

Please do not call the school for closing information.

Please be sure that your phone and e-mail contact information is up to date in Skyward Family Access.

For more information, click here.

Paws Winners

The Meadowview staff is firmly committed to educating students to become self-directed learners, complex thinkers, quality work producers, collaborative team members, and community contributors. As such, we expect our students to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects our three expectations of being respectful, responsible, and safe. Positive reinforcement comes in many ways, and one of those ways is through offering students a ‘paw’ when they demonstrate evidence of being respectful, responsible, and safe. Congratulations to this month’s paw winners for being great models by meeting our building-wide expectations!

Will P.-Turley

Avery P.-Turley

Pentrick C.-Dvorak

Lilah F.-Drevalas

Meghan H.-White

Tommy B.-Dvorak

Lupe M.-Townsley

Christopher O.-Yeagle

Miguel C.-Valentour

Diana N.-Townsley

Mir A.-Dvorak

Faith S.-Buchholz

Richard D.-Townsley

Omar S.-Valentour

Eshah K.-White

Ann V.-Yeagle

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Breakfast and Lunch Menus for the Month of February

Fourth-Grade Writing

Fourth grade has completed a study of invertebrates and vertebrates in science. In Ms. Oczkowski’s class, students began with a scavenger hunt around the classroom for answers to their questions about The Human Body. Another day, the scavenger hunt took them on a trip to look for facts about various types of reptiles. With each list of information, the students then wrote a paragraph with a main idea and supporting details.

In Mrs. White’s class, each student chose an animal to write about from the animal’s point of view complete with their own illustrations. Fourth grade is full of talented writers!


By Alan Ramirez

Reptiles have many features. You can find a Flying Lizard in southeast Asia. Female Sea Turtles lay their eggs in the sand. They have 150 eggs at time . An alligator lays their eggs in a nest made of mud.The heaviest snake is the Green Anaconda and it is 300 pounds. A turtle’s shell has 60 bones. I hope you had a good time learning about reptiles.

Our Human Body

By Francesca Korbitz

Did you know that your right lung is bigger than your left lung? The reason why your right lung is bigger is that your heart is on the left side, so your left lung has to be small.

Did you know that babies have more bones in their body because as they grow their bones connect? Did you know that you have 100,000 hairs on your head and you lose 100 hairs a day? Did you know that there are four different types of blood, O,AB,A, B? These are just some fun facts about the human body!!


by Valerie Siauw

Reptiles have many features. The difference between a crocodile’s snout and an alligator’s snout is that a croc’s snout is V shape and the gator’s snout is a U shape. If a lizard loses its tail, they grow a new one back on. The heaviest species of snakes is the Green Anaconda. One thing that is unusual about the Horned Lizard is that it can squirt blood out of their eyes. A Komodo Dragon can eat birds,monkeys,goats,deer,and horses. Snakes can even see through their eyelids. There are over 60 bones in a turtles shell.There are many features of a reptile.

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