by Julia McBride

The Hershey's Mission

Founded by Milton Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the Hershey's Company works to create products that will bring happiness to their customers and the world. They have a playful, childish and happy approach to marketing and connecting with customers. They create chocolate and candy which have become a staple of American culture and representative of certain holidays, such as the Hershey's kiss for Valentine's Day. American society has come to love a good Hershey's chocolate bar, one of the most classic candies. This company is able to appeal to almost all markets - anyone with a sweet tooth! They have also expanded to include other popular brands such as Reese's, Kit-Kats, Jolly Ranchers, and Brookside Chocolates. The Hershey's Company has become such a cultural staple that they have even created a theme park in the town of their founding where visitors can tour the factor, sample products and go on amusement rides! This contributes to their mission for happiness of all.

They describe their dedication to happiness with their mission statement found on the Hershey's brand website:


For most of us, life can be a busy blur, so it's easy lose sight of the little things that make us happy.

At Hershey we're determined to help everyone open their eyes to the simple moments that have the potential to become amazing memories. Our founder, Milton Hershey believed that everyone should have the choice to be happy, and enjoy simple goodness. This inclusive attitude was the foundation for The Hershey Company and even for his legendary non-profit foundation.

Thanks to Milton's vision, we remind ourselves everyday that we always have a choice about how we feel-and so do you. So why not say hello to happy?

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Join the Movement: Happiness is Hershey's.

The Hershey's Company can be found on almost all social media platforms, connecting and sharing joy with their customers. The company deploys all major social media strategies by creating a happy and pleasant social media community centered around the love of Hershey's products. They also reply to positive feedback, repost user videos and connect with users who want to learn more about their products or simply share their love. Hershey's also has found a way to expertly advertise and create buzz for new products in fun interactive ways that barely feel like an advertisement! Hershey's social media presence feels more like that of a community, not a brand. This approach is part of why "Happiness is Hershey's".

Bake with Hershey's

The Hershey website engages users in multiple ways, one of them being their "Bake with Us" page. This page includes recipes people can make and enjoy together that include Hershey's, allowing them to connect and communication with their customer base by fostering happy family movements. Their most recent post includes "Easter Deserts the Whole Family Will Love" , and Hershey's makes sure it feels like they are included in that family.
The Hershey's Company connects with their customers which they consider and treat like family through all social media platforms, but especially Twitter, as shown below in some of their interactive tweets:

Check out the rest of Hershey's social media pages below:

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