This Week at SOTA

NKU School of the Arts - May 27, 2020

Embracing Change in the Challenge - Music Prep

The quarantine has affected Music Prep in the same way that it’s affected everything and everyone in education worldwide. If it had to be labeled with one word, it would be challenge. But in the arts, we love a good challenge! And as they say, “the show must go on!” And on it has! Online!

Embracing Change in the Challenge - Music Prep

Online Art Workshops for Adults

Visual Arts faculty member Randel Plowman appeared on Fox19 yesterday morning to talk about our upcoming online summer art workshops for adults, which includes a 'Zine Workshop (June 13-19) and Collage Workshop (June 27-July 3). Teachers can earn professional development hours for these workshops. The cost for each workshop is $70 - after June 1, there will be a $25 late fee applied. Visit to learn more and register!

Multi-Instrument Remote Percussion Final

Freshman Patrick Medovich recorded all instruments heard on this video for his first semester Latin Percussion jury. Patrick studies Latin percussion with Professor Stan Ginn and concert percussion with Professor Michael Culligan.
Patrick Medovich - Conga Jury Final

Corbett Lobby Renovations

Here are some Corbett Lobby renovation photos, now with a few more coats of paint, chair guards, and black doors. It's the final countdown to completion!