Hanging out at the beach☀

Hosted by: Natalie Cerri & Lexi Teats

Saturday, March 14th, 12-5pm

Newport Beach, CA, United States

Newport Beach, CA

Lexi and Natalie's mom's will be picking up and dropping off everyone so please RSVP with your address. We plan to go catch some waves so bring your boogie boards if you want! Then at 1:00 we will eat lunch. For lunch we will have pizza, chips, and water. Then we go hang out by the water for a couple more hours, socialize, and snack. We will leave the beach at 4:30 so everyone can be home in time to have dinner with their families. It won't cost anyone anything so please do not bring money. We hope to see all 8 of you there! Over spring break if you are all in town we plan to spend a day at Disneyland so let us know your schedules!

what to bring:



•boogie board (optional)

•beach chair (optional)

RSVP (please rsvp by March 7):