Bring your dragonfly to The Dragonfly Rejuvenating RESORT!!!

What make this resort important is that it has a special place where your dragonfly can practice on their speed and also stretch their wings. This place also as a pool with the natural waters that would be in a small streams or pond. But most adult dragonflies live near water, like on the moist soil witch we do have in the soil room connected to the water room.

Yummy Yummy!!!!!!

Dragonflies in their aquatic stage eat many kinds of small animals: aquatic insects, tad poles, small fish, and other invertebrates. Adult dragonflies normally eat flying insects, especially mosquitoes and other true flies, but also aphids, smaller dragonflies, damselflies, and just about any other insects they can grab. From these facts I have personally made a buffet of small insects and flies that are delicious