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Maypearl Jr High School Newsletter, Volume A Issue 2 9/19/14

Principal's Peace by Lesley Austin

We want our kids to become resilient! Sometimes as parents we want our kids to be happy, so much that we lower their "window of tolerance." It is healthy to set boundaries and create limits. Predictable limits actually reduce stress. The following blog from Tina Payne Bryson is a great read.

"It’s out of our deep love for our children that we want to protect them, but their capacity will be greater, their spirit larger, if we allow that love to lead us to our own courage, so that we can feel strong enough to let them discover their own strength."

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October 15th Get Ready to Be Fired Up with Aric Bostick

Maypearl ISD and Aric Bostick are joining forces to FIRE UP our students, faculty, and the community of Maypearl. Mr. Bostick will be speaking with Maypearl ISD students in two assemblies, the first starting at 9 a.m. Second, he will be speaking with teachers starting at 1:30 p.m. and we will be ending the night with a COMMUNITY FAIR starting at 5:30 p.m. with Mr. Bostick speaking at 6:45 p.m. We look forward to seeing the whole community come together to get our youth motivated for success in academics and life!

"The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus." ~ Bruce Lee

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COUNSELOR'S CORNER Mrs. Farda by Keyontae Rollison

This year we have a new face on campus, our counselor, Mrs. Farda! Mrs. Farda taught and coached at Nimitz High School in Irving for nine years. She moved to Maypearl and coached here for one year and taught math for eight years. 2014-2015 is her first school year to be a school counselor.

Some of her plans for the year include teaching character building lessons and activities. She also wants to promote college and career exploration, prevent suicide, and enhance awareness of drug and alcohol abuse. Another thing she wants to talk with students about is bullying and ways that we can all work together to stop it. Mrs. Farda says the best part of her job is building relationships with the students. She may not be able to solve all of their problems, but she can at least help them carry their burdens!

Although she is very excited about being at MJHS she says, "Change is scary!" Mrs. Farda towers above most of us on campus at 5'9" and she's even 2 inches taller than her husband, Coach Farda! She loves working at Maypearl and thinks we have great schools here. She enjoys being part of the community, too. In her free time, Mrs. Farda loves going to the lake with her family. She also runs, does yoga, and loves to read!

Welcome to MJHS, Mrs. Farda!

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8th Grade Spotlight - Tatum Wittenauer by Zachary Grabau and Landon Wakeland

We interviewed Tatum Wittenauer and asked her many questions. She's new to MJH and we thought it would be great to get to know her a little better. Tatum's favorite sport is cheerleading. She loves athletics, all food, and even has a favorite superhero, Spiderman! Her goals are to go to college and get a good career. She wants to win National Cheer Association cheer competition. Her future ambition is to be a singer when she grows up. Welcome, Tatum!
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7th Grade Spotlight- Carson Austin by Macy Terry and Monserrat Zamora

Carson Austin is a 7th grade student at MJH. She is part of the Maypearl Athletics and plays volleyball and also basketball. She plays club volleyball and a Maypearl Basketball league. Carson is looking into going to Texas Image or TAV Volleyball Club. She claims that her favorite teachers are Coach Craft and Mrs. Wiggins. She says that having her aunt as a principal is cool because she knows what is going on in the school and has enjoyed seeing the changes Mrs. Austin has made while transitioning into being a principal. Carson's favorite subject is science. She says that when she grows up she would like to be a successful doctor. Thanks for the interview, Carson. It's great to know more about you!!
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Riddles of the Week by Angel Lopez

When a tailor presses your pants, is it all right to scream?

What did one side of the pants say to the other side of the pants?

What always speaks the truth, but doesn't say a word?

Submit your answers to these riddles to the box in the cafeteria. Students who answer all three correct will be entered into a drawing for a small prize. Good luck!

Answers to all riddles will be included in our next issue.

Answers to 9/5/14 riddles:

What's black and white and read all over? A Newspaper

When is a door not a door? When it's ajar.

What type of suit does a duck wear? A ducksedo

The winner is: Lauren Hyles, 8th grade!

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September 26th - Early Release and MAYPEARL HOMECOMING PARADE AND GAME

School releases at 12:10.

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School will release at 12:10.

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Junior High Volleyball Game Schedule by Beth Thomas

September 20th @ Rio Vista (tournament)

September 22 @ Maypearl

September 29 @ Life School Oak Cliff

October 6th @ Maypearl

October 13th @ Kemp

October 20th @ Maypearl

October 25th @ Sunnyvale (District Tournament)

TELINA CHAVEZ - Volleyball Coach by Monica Martinez and LeAnne Blake

Coach Chavez is a 2005 graduate of our own Maypearl High School. She loves to coach volleyball here at MJH. As a MHS volleyball player, Chavez played the back row. "It is such a fun and electric atmosphere and I enjoy being around my volleyball players," she said. In her spare time she enjoys playing softball and spending time with her two dogs, Rocky and Titus. As a MHS student, she loved school and had a wonderful time. She especially likes being back in the small town atmosphere of Maypearl after having lived in San Diego, CA and Fredericksburg, VA. "I've learned the city lifestyle is not for me." She graduated from Howard Payne University in 2009 with a B.A. in psychology. She graduated with her M.A. in counseling from Liberty University in 2013.
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Junior High Football Game Schedule and Spirit Days by Beth Thomas

Wednesday 9/24 – Spirit Day – Wipe out the Wildcats (wear beach theme, lei’s, Hawaiian shirts, beach shorts, sunglasses, sunhats, no swimsuits)

Thursday 9/25 – Game Day @ Maypearl

Friday 9/26 – Homecoming – early release at 12:1 0

Wednesday 10/8 – Spirit Day – Lasso the Lions (western wear)

Thursday 10/9 – Game Day @ Blooming Grove

Wednesday 10/15 – Spirit Day – Skool the Eagles (dress up NERD style)

Thursday 10/16 – Game Day @ Mildred

Wednesday 10/22 – Spirit Day – Blast the Bulldogs (wear superhero shirts)

Thursday 10/23 – Game Day @ Maypearl

Wednesday 10/29 – Spirit Day – Jam up the Bulldogs (wear PJs)

Thursday 10/30 – Game Day @ Palmer

Wednesday 11/5 – Spirit Day – Rock of Ages (dress up like a rocker)

Thursday 11/6 – Pep Rally and Game Day @ Maypearl


Maypearl Junior High students were welcomed back to the 2014-2015 school year with halls adorned with images of legendary people and places. The 7th grade hall features Legends of the Past, the 8th grade hall features Legends of the Present, and our elective teachers put together a wall of Legends of the Future. This issue, we are featuring a Legend of the Past.
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Legend of the Past - Albert Einstein by Cameron Crowther

Did you know Albert Einstein:

was born on March 14, 1879

played the piano as a kid

graduated high school in 1896

had a difficult time in high school

had a family

developed the theory of relativity

won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921

was asked to be the president of Israel

immigrated to the United States in 1932

died on April 18, 1955

One of Einstein's famous quotes is: "If you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it well enough."

8th Grade Observes September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance by Madie Wiggins

8th graders spent time in their history and English classes discussing 9/11. On September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four planes. Two planes crashed into Building 1 and 2 of the World Trade Center in New York City. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and a fourth plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania. About an hour after the initial attacks, both towers in NYC came tumbling down. The deaths of about 3,000 men, women, and children devastated the country. Through the adversity of this day, Americans pulled together and a new sense of patriotism was born. On 9/11 we are encouraged to remember the fallen through service to each other, our community, and our country.
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Teacher Feature - 8th Grade Mrs. Augustyn by Clayton Spradling and Nolan Roudebush

Mrs. Augustyn is the 8th grade Math, Algebra, and Lego Robotics teacher at MJHS and has worked for MISD for 8 years. We caught up with Mrs. Augustyn and asked why she became a teacher. She said she loves teaching students about math and she wants to make a difference in every student. When we asked her about her smartest kid, she told us that she believes all of her students are the smartest. One reason she likes math is because she enjoys seeing more and more students understand math. Mrs. Augustyn is from Metairie, Louisiana. Before teaching math, Augustyn taught P.E., coached girls athletics, reading, and language arts. Before coming to Maypearl she worked in Palmer and Midlothian. We are so lucky to have a great teacher like Mrs. Augustyn here at MJHS!
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Teacher Feature - 7th Grade Dody Wiggins by Landon Routh and Cameron Crowther

Doralene Wiggins, better known as Dody, learned to teach at the University of North Texas. She currently is the 7th grade math, yearbook, and RTI teacher at MJHS. RTI stands for response to intervention and she pulls kids to help them in any class. She was a teacher in Midlothian for 16 years and decided she wanted a change. We are sure glad she did. Mrs. Roesler told her she thought she would love coming to work at Maypearl. Mrs. Wiggins recalls, "I interviewed with Mrs. Jan Stenson and she was kind enough to give me a job."

Dody Wiggins loves the new group of kids. She says they are hard working and eager to learn. Mrs. Wiggins loves teaching 7th grade. She also loves this campus and the people she works with at MJHS. She wouldn't trade places with anyone. Mrs. Wiggins' favorite thing about teaching is watching a kid's eyes light up when they have learned something new. She also enjoys seeing a kid smile, sing, and knowing they are enjoying her class. Her favorite hobbies are laying by the pool, helping other people with projects, watching her son, Jake, play basketball, and hanging out the friends and family.

Mrs. Wiggins is a great teacher at our school and we are so glad she is here. MJHS is lucky to have her!!

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What's Up With the Band? by Nigel Barron and Clayton Young

Mr. Dees and Mr. Cupp are the directors of our Panther Band. We caught up with Mr. Dees to ask him for some information about the band and how it all works together. We found out there are 14 sections in the band: 5 brass, 8 woodwind, and percussion. Each of them play different music. The hardest instruments to play are the oboe and bassoon for a couple of reasons. They are double reed instruments and are difficult to get the right sound because they require lots of breath control. When the band goes to contest there are three music judges at Region contest. They each give the band a rating from a I to a V. I means the performance was "superior" - everyone was in step, in tune, and there was no tearing (when one part of the band gets ahead of the other.) The next rating is a II which means "very good." III is "good." IV is "fair" and V is "poor." We want all three judges to give us a I at contest.

The Junior High band will have a band night where the students are allowed to come out and play with the Varsity Marching Band in the stands. We also have our district contest coming up in November.

Band students go to band camp in the summer. During band camp they learn marching fundamentals (how to take a step, which foot goes first, how to pint your toes when standing) for forward, backward, and sideways marching. We also start learning the music and drill for the marching show.

Thanks for the information. Band sure keeps the spirit going at the games and we love their new USO show on Friday nights!

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Academic UIL is fast approaching on December 4th. UIL takes a lot of practice and preparation so get yourself on a team today! The events and coaches are listed below. See the teacher coaching the event in which you wish to participate.

Event Coach

Art Stansell, Chea

Spelling Thomas, Beth

Number Sense Merritt, Robert

Ready Writing Austin, Lesley

Oral Reading Daugherty, Taylor

Chess Puzzle Augustyn, Jill

Calculator Applications Augustyn, Jill

*Modern Oratory Craft, Reid

Mathematics Wiggins, Dody

Maps, Graphs, and Charts Spradling, Lauri

Dictionary Skills Thomas, Beth

Science Sheffer, Tracy

Listening Sheffer, Tracy

*Impromptu Speaking Underwood, Calvin

Editorial Writing Austin, Lesley and Jennifer Casana

Social Studies Merritt, Robert

One-Act Play Dees, Dallas

* = Offered during lunch only

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A WORK OF ART - Chea Stansell by Carolyne Fortiz

Mrs. Chea Stansell is in her 2nd year of teaching art at Maypearl ISD. She is currently one of the MJH art teachers while also being a secretary of the junior high. Chea was asked if an artist is the reason she chose to teach art. She responded that she's always had a passion for art since she was in grade school. Whether or not it's cooking, drawing, or helping her children with projects, she is always creating art. Along with photography being her favorite type of art, God is her favorite artist. Her favorite part of being an art teacher is watching students to create even when they didn't believe they could. Upcoming projects in art include ribbon text, hatching, water color, oil pastel, and oil paint. Ribbon texting includes students writing their name and using lines and shading to create the illusion of ribbon. Hatching is using stippling (small dots of ink) to create an artistic image. Thank you, Mrs. Stansell, for being a great part of our MJH family.
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Hey, all you MJHS artists!! We are having a "draw-off." Submit your best artwork to Mrs. Thomas, Room 2205. The Panther Nation staff and the art teachers will vote on the favorite work submitted. Each entry should have the name and grade written on the back of each entry. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY SEPTEMBER 25th!
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Do you have a fresh mind ready to learn every day? Start each day with Sho-Shin!
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Cafeteria News

Did you know that the cafeteria offers a variety of options for your dining pleasure? Students needing free/reduced meals can fill out an application at any time during the year. Visit the website,, to download or contact Robin Leal at 972-435-1036 or 1070 If you have specific questions about your child's account, please call Yola Stubblefield at 972-435-1067.
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If you would be interested in playing in an intermural (within the school) co-ed Maypearl Junior High School softball league, please contact Mrs. Thomas. With enough interest, several teams could be formed and we could play a round robin tournament over a period of several weeks in short games after school. Come by Room 2205 and let us know if you are interested.
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Cheer Corner by Lillian Casana and Angel Lopez

Mrs. Sheffer thought it would be a fun experience to be a cheer coach. She loves spending time with her children and students. Her daughters are cheerleaders and she says it's a great way to spend time with both of them. Sheffer wants to make a difference in our school and promote school spirit. The girls have had very positive attitudes this year and cheerleading is fun and exciting. Sheffer asks, "What's not to love?" She's very comfortable being around cheerleaders and football players as both a coach and teacher. Cheerleaders spend a lot of time together so they become like a family. All of the cheerleaders stay the same throughout the year and tryouts happen every March around Spring break. One fun song they are developing a step routine to for the coming weeks is Taylor Swift's, Shake It Off. Mrs. Sheffer wants to plan fun games for pep rallies that involve both students and teachers. Thanks for all you do to support our cheerleaders and MJHS athletics!
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Football Week in Review by Landon Routh and Clayton Spradling

The MJH 7th Grade Panthers played their first game on 9/11 against Red Oak Life School. The Panthers came up short with a 32 to 18 defeat. Tyler Stroud scored big touchdowns with approximately 40 to 50 yard on each touchdown. Stroud ended the came approaching the 100 yard mark even though we never passed the ball. The second half was scoreless for the Panthers. We are proud of our kicker this week because their receiver had a dropped reception. Our quarterback threw no receptions during the game. Come out and see us play. Our next game is Thursday, September 18th against Grandview.

The MJH 8th Grade Panthers won the coin toss and received the ball. The ROLS Mustangs kick was high and came straight to Landon Moon. He quickly headed for the end zone, but was brought up short on the Panther 40 yard line. In their first possession, Landon Routh centered and Landon Moon quarterbacked. He called, "down, set, hut." At the snap, Moon took the ball and pitched it to Keyontae Rollison. Keyontae took it for a short gain. 2nd down saw fullback Seth Eastwood run up the middle for another short gain. 3rd down, Isaiah Crownover took the pitch from Moon and rolled out right. He went to the 50, 40, and was brought down at the 30 giving the Panthers a first down pretty close to their end zone. On the next play, Wyatt Payne ran up the middle when the ball was knocked out of his hands and the Mustangs made the recovery. The Mustang's first possession resulted in an interception by Chris Gloria. The second drive for the Panthers led to four downs with a turnover. Although both teams saw a lot of action the first quarter, the score remained at 0 - 0.

The second quarter's first drive by the Panthers saw Isaiah Crownover run all the way to the end zone; however, the ball popped out of his hands with a Mustang recovery. This resulted in a Mustang touchdown. The Panther's next drive ended with a punt. Again the Mustang's scored leaving the score at halftime Panthers 0 - ROLS 14.

At the start of the 3rd quarter, Rollison rolled out to the right, but terror struck. A Mustang player hit him in the leg and he suffered a massive break. The ambulance was called and paramedics were soon on the scene. Despite this tragedy, it was a learning experience for us all. We're all praying for our teammate.

UIL has a time rule which states that all games must be completed by 10:00 p.m. Since the JV still had to play that evening, our 8th grade game was called by the refs.

Come out and join us as we play the Grandview Zebras on Thursday, September 18th

Football Predictions for Grandview Game 9/18/14 by Angel Lopez (8th) and Brandon Cooper (7th)

The second games of the season will be held in Grandview on 9/18/14. Both teams are hoping to come back from last week's disappointments and win! Come out and show your Panther pride and support our teams.

8th Grade - In our next game we will play a better game. We've put in a lot of practice this week. One of our players was injured in our first game which brought the team together. We want him to get better and hope to dedicate our win Thursday to Keyontae Rollison.

7th Grade - Our second game against Grandview will be a tough one. I predict a close score with the Panthers coming out on top 21 to 18.

Words of Inspiration by Monserrat Zamora

I hope these inspirational words help you get through your day:

"I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7

"But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." Matthew 5:44

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Accelerated Reader Points

Guess who's earned the most AR Points the first three weeks of school? None other than Stephanie Garcia - 99.7 points. WOW!!!
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Student Assembly

Recently, Mrs. Austin gathered all MJHS students for an assembly in the gym to discuss goal setting and our academic expectations. This year, MJHS is all about goals--not just setting them, but REACHING them. This is a picture of our 8th graders seriously contemplating their most important goals for 8th grade.
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Did you know that in 8th grade history you can be in the President's Club or Governor? Coach Merritt says to be in the President's Club you have to have the highest grade on the test. Coach Merritt also said to be a governor you need to have the most improved grade. Coach has also added that in his Outdoor Ed class he wants to harvest lots of animals and EAT them!

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In the September 5 issue of Panther Nation, the Student Spotlight on 8th Grader Sam Taylor was credited to Brandon Cooper and Nolan Roudebush. The article was penned by Cameron Crowther and Jacob Wallace. Sorry for this error.