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Mt. Gallant's Quarterly Newsletter: January 2016

Hello Parents!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the break with family and friends and had some time for yourself to relax and re-energize.

We recently held our community visit to showcase the great things happening at Mount Gallant. The students in the picture on the upper right served as docents and did an amazing job! We are very proud of our school and enjoy the opportunity to share what we are doing!

Our next SIC meeting will be Thursday, January 14th at 5:15pm followed by PTA at 6pm. All are welcome!

As we enter the second half of the school year, we appreciate your continued support. We are not successful without you so thank you for all that you do!

See you soon,

Mr. Moree and Mrs. Leonard

We need Girls on the Run Coaches!

If you are interested in serving as our Girls on the Run coach, please contact Mr. Moree at Our girls benefit so much from this program and we hate to lose it. Not a runner, it's okay! Learn more by clicking/tapping here.
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Back the Pack Winthrop Basketball - January 30

Back the Pack with Winthrop Basketball is Saturday, Jan 30! WU Women play at 1 pm and WU Men play at 4pm. Here are a couple of reminders and upcoming deadlines. Mt. Gallant has been assigned Section 126. This is basically a free opportunity for you to take in a Winthrop game with your family while supporting MGES. We hope to see you there!

Entry: This year entry into the games can be done two ways. 1) Donate juice boxes or individually boxed snack crackers OR 2) Donate $3 per person to Back the Pack to receive admission. No, we will not turn away anyone that brings a can of green beans, we just want to encourage donations that can be better used by BTP. Any donations that BTP can't use will be donated to local organizations and greatly appreciated.

Prizes: Remember that we will be giving out 4 cash prizes at the event: $1000 to the school with the most attendee (as determined by number of ticket stubs) and $500 each to 2nd and 3rd place. There will also be a $1000 random drawing at halftime of the men's game. All 17 schools (minus the ones that win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) will be entered into this random drawing.

Lost & Found is Overflowing!

Please stop by or encourage your child to look through the Lost and Found. All unclaimed items will be donated on January 22 as we are running out of space.

PLEASE write your child's name in personal items. It will help tremendously.

Peanut/Tree Nut Allergies

We have many students with peanut and tree nut allergies. To ensure that these students are able to enjoy lunch safely, there is a designated table for only these students. If you are joining your child for lunch, you will sit at the tables on the stage. Thank you for understanding and protecting our students.

Should I Keep my sick child home from school?

News from PTA

Happy Winter Knights from the PTA! We invite you to our upcoming meetings on Thursday, January 14th, February 4th and March 10th at 6:00pm in the Library. All are welcome!

‘Tis the Season
It’s winter and a great time to check with your teacher to see if tissues, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are needed. We can never be too careful to help keep every child well for learning!

Spring Fundraiser—Saturday, March 19th
Family Health Day was created to bring families together for a day of fun in the great outdoors. Last year games, relays, health trivia, raffles, community guests and education were available for families to enjoy. We are looking forward to making more fun memories this March!

We need your help reaching out to local companies to ask for their participation, prize donations, sponsorships, etc. If you can assist, please email Christina @ .

Yearbooks are on sale! Flyers went home before Winter Break. The deadline for order is the end of March. Have questions or photos to submit? Please email Rebecca Crumpton @

Business & Restaurant Partners
Don’t forget to use your Publix Partner card when shopping.

Upcoming Spirit Nights:

McAlister’s Deli /Herlong Rd Monday, January 25th 5:00pm-9:00pm
Chick-Fil-A/Cherry Rd Thursday, February 18th 6:30am until 10pm
Thursday, March 28th

Box Tops
Thank you for your submissions, please keep them coming! We are well on our way to our goal of $2000!

Follow us on Facebook: Mt. Gallant PTA. Also, don’t forget to share school related photos with us! Email them to:

Looking for a place to plug in? Please let us know and we will point you in the right direction! You are very important to us and we depend on you.

Jennifer Newton

Christina O'Connor

2015-16 MGES PTA Co-Presidents


Kindergarten has worked so hard in the second nine weeks! We learned many things: reading short stories, kindergarten high frequency words, writing simple sentences and stories, counting objects and writing to 20, patterns, number stories using fingers and objects, exploring properties of matter with hands on science experiments, learning about me on a map.

We will explore the following standards in the third nine weeks: sounds beginning, middle, ending, blends, counting syllables in words having 2-3 sounds, ask and answer questions about stories, counting to 100 by 1's, 10's and from a given number to 100, adding and subtracting within 10, writing and counting objects to 20, different combinations that add to make ten, measurement with length weight and height, goods and services, needs and wants, changes in weather patters in seasons.

Please continue to work with your child so he or she may master each skill.

First Grade

First grade has definitely kept busy during the second quarter of school! We are in a routine and our days are flying by as we work together, learn together, and create memories together.

In math, our focus was on numbers 0-50 along with growing understanding of place value. We also worked on growing patterns.

In English/ Language Arts, we continued to meet in small guided reading groups to learn how to read on our own level while still practicing reading during independent reading time. We worked on learning about the features of non-fiction texts like table of contents, glossary, index, and headings. In writing, we wrote our own informational teaching books. We were experts about a topic and got to write and share our knowledge about different topics.

In content areas (social studies and science), we learned about authority and rules and the moon, sun, and how we have daytime and nighttime. We also harvested our winter garden and were excited to try lettuce, radishes, and onions. Some of us were amazed that we liked them!

We are looking forward to third quarter and our field trip to the York County Museum on January 19th or 20th. This quarter will include learning about natural resources and numbers to 100. We have already started to write our opinion pieces as we judge our collections. First graders seem to instantly mature during third quarter, so we are excited to see what we will learn being back from holiday break!

Second Grade

The second grading period was very exciting! In science, students participated in many activities dealing with pushing, pulling, force and friction. Investigating force with our homemade catapult was lots of fun! In mathematics, two-step word problems, place value, and comparing numbers were studied. Students also participated in weekly number talks in order to strengthen their mental math and computation skills. Government was the topic of study in social studies. Students studied the roles of leaders in our local, state, and federal government. In addition, students practiced informational writing and participated in a research project. It was a busy and productive time for all.

Third Grade

Just like that…half of our year is gone! It is hard to believe that we have the first 2 nine weeks under our third grade belt! We have been working hard and are excited about all that is coming up.

In math, we began multiplication before the holiday and students are making great progress practicing and learning their multiplication facts. Coming up are patterns with addition and multiplication then we will move right in to division.

In science, we are investigating matter and all of the changes that occur with different states including experiments to prove what we have learned.

In social studies, we have been learning all about the American Revolution and how South Carolina played a role in the war. We researched key leaders and will be learning about the significant battles that occurred in our state.

In language arts, our focus has been on non fiction and informational text including features, point of view and comprehension. Please continue to encourage your child to read each night and participate in the many reading challenges offered through the library.

Keep practicing those multiplication facts as we continue to press on in third grade! We are enjoying your children and look forward to more fun and learning this nine weeks!!

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders continue to work diligently as we move in to the second half of our school year. We have completed our unit of study on fractions. In this unit we looked at basic fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions. We also added and multiplied fractions. As the nine weeks came to a close, we began our study of decimals.

In Language Arts, we wrapped up our study of fictional text and moved in to non-fiction. We are looking at features of non-fiction text. We also worked on writing narrative pieces of writing and began our Lucy Calkins unit on opinion writing.

We are finishing up our study of organisms with a look at how organisms relate with their environment. We also classified living things and discussed adaptations that help both plants and animals survive.

In social studies, we are moving right along in studying the history of our great nation. We have studied early colonization, the French and Indian War, and began looking at causes that led to the American Revolution. Please continue to study basic multiplication facts with your student, as this is an area of weakness for many of our fourth graders.

Thank you for all you do to help us make fourth grade a success for each and every child.

Fifth Grade

As we begin our 3rd quarter, we're looking ahead to ecosystems in science, plugging right along with fractions in math, while fighting the world wars in Social Studies. Don't forget to READ, READ, READ!!!

Gifted and Talented News - Catherine Williams

Because gifted children often talk a lot, we adults tend to confuse their verbal skills with a willingness to share their problems. In the last newsletter, we looked at some parent pointers offered by Dr. Sylvia Rimm, clinical child psychologist, for learning to listen to what gifted children “are not” saying. Here are her final tips:

- Negative criticism can halt communication, so save judgments for your most important messages.

- When children mention that something potentially hurtful really doesn’t bother them, there’s a good chance it’s exactly what is bothering them.

- When children refer to something or someone often, that something or someone is more important than they are willing to admit.

- When children tell you they don’t know why they did something, they really may not know OR they prefer not to tell you.

- “Boring” is an easy excuse that could actually cover a very wide variety of problems --- don’t take it at face value.

Because gifted children often have been quite successful in the early grades, they are sometimes unprepared to cope with less successful experiences that inevitably come along. Coping is not always easy for them, and we must listen for clues they give but avoid talking about in order to help them learn the resilience necessary for a happy and confident future.

Art - Ms. Gregory

Welcome to the BUSY season in the Art Room!

During the 2nd quarter, 5th grade classes have been learned about art from WW2, including The Ghost Army and “Keep Calm and Carry On”. 4th graders studied the art of SC artist Shephard Fairy, and discussed how he uses text and images together to create messages. 3rd grade classes focused on SC symbols. Do you know the official snack food of SC or what the state spider looks like? Second graders continued their travels to the 7 Continents by designing European knights and Donkey Bells from Greece. 1st grade are working on a literacy unit focusing on Authors and Illustrators. We are finishing up our Faith Ringgold pillows this month. Finally, kindergarteners worked on snow globes and created winter habitats for animals that live in the snow.

Please plan to visit the school during the month of April to see our Spring Art Show! You also won’t want to miss “Family Art Night”. Come join us for lots of FREE art themed activities, the Spring Show, and give your favorite art a blue ribbon.. This is not a fundraiser - just a real chance for you to spend the evening together as a family celebrating creativity and FUN!

Remember, our artwork can always be seen at

Guidance Gab - Ms. Abernethy

Thank you "snow much" to Lakewood Baptist Church and to India Hook Methodist Church for providing Christmas smiles to many of our students. We also appreciate those parents and staff members who reached out as well. We appreciate all you do for our kids!

Classroom guidance lessons now focus on Conflict Resolution , Anger Management, Respect for Self and Others, and Effective Communication Skills. Topics are handled in a positive , age-appropriate manner, using cooperative learning, role-playing, and other teaching techniques. The Rock Hill School district utilizes the Mendez Foundation Curriculum " Too Good for Violence" and " Too Good for Drugs" to reach guidance state standards in social and emotional skills.

Library/Media - Ms. Smith

Happy New Year from the Library! MGES readers were very busy during the holidays with over 60 students completing our Winter Reading Challenge. Look for information concerning our Reading Super Bowl Challenge that will begin on January 14th. Students will complete reading challenges as they move through the "playoffs." More information will be sent home in the Wednesday communication folder.

During the 3rd nine weeks, K-5 will practice using research skills and tools. 3rd-5th grade students will learn to analyze credible sources as they research a topic of their choice. The library continues to offer many reading clubs for students to join. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

At the beginning of March, we will celebrate Read Across America with various activities and spirit events. It promises to be fun way to celebrate our love for reading!

Music - Ms. Abril

Happy New Year!

All of our MGES students are currently studying about the Chinese New Year. We are learning about the celebrations, traditions, and songs typical during this holiday. Your children should have a lot of interesting facts to share with you, and can also sing a song for you in Chinese!

After this unit…

Our kindergarten will start a unit focused on folk songs and nursery rhymes. We will be playing instruments, dancing, and learning hand-claps and singing games! I’m sure you will hear some very familiar tunes around your home!

Our 1st grade students will start a program called Mallet Madness! Students will play short rhythmic and melodic patterns to accompany stories and poems, and play short melodies and accompaniments to familiar songs. In this program we will be using our Orff instruments. This includes xylophones, metallaphones, glockenspiels, and non-pitched percussion instruments.

Our 2nd grade students will start working on our program to present during Read Across America week in March. The 2nd grade will be performing a multicultural program! We will make sure to have translations available, because your students will be singing in foreign languages! We are excited to share music from around the world!! You will be receiving a letter shortly with information regarding the date and attire for the program

Our 3rd grade students will begin their study of jazz and blues music. Students will learn about the types of instruments used, the time period in which these genres became popular, the music scales associated with these songs, and famous composers and performers from this style of music. Students will sing various blues and jazz songs, learn swing choreography, as well as play a 12 bars blue pattern on classroom instruments. We will even have a Cotton Club of our own, which will allow students to dress up and perform in class!

Our 4th grade students will begin an exciting program called Recorder Karate! This is an exciting program that motivates students by awarding colored “belts” each time a new song is learned. Students will learn how to play the recorder with correct fingering and technique while reading music on their own. There is a fee associated with this program. A letter with details will be coming home soon. 4th graders also have the opportunity to audition for a brand new choir at MGES. Details will be coming home soon!

Our 5th grade students will start a unit in our keyboard lab! Students will learn how to play a C Major scale and a number of songs! They will be reading note values, pitches, while counting and using correct fingering and technique! This is an exciting time! 5th graders also have the opportunity to audition for a brand new choir at MGES. Information will be coming home shortly.

PE - Mr. McKeown

This 9 weeks in Physical Education class, we will be studying basketball, volleyball, tumbling, line dance, and team handball. In our health focus, we will begin to study body systems such as muscles, the skeleton,circulatory system, digestive system, internal organs and nervous system.

Reading Coach's Corner

“Just Right Books”

Finding a book that is “just right” for your child is much like Goldilocks’ struggle in the home of the three bears. While Father Bear’s porridge was too hot and Mother Bear’s porridge was too cold, it was finally Baby Bear’s porridge that was the perfect match for Goldilocks’ picky palette. It is the same way with reading. Books that are too hard for students to decode or comprehend do nothing to help young readers, and cause unnecessary frustration and stress. Books that are too easy can often be used to practice things like fluency (phrasing and expression), but do little to provide children with a challenge or lift in their reading. The majority of the books your child spends time reading should be “just right” books, providing your child with a slight challenge.

What does a just right book look like? It usually has less than 5 difficult words per page and would be something your child can read at a comfortable pace (not choppy and labored) and understand easily. It should be of high interest to your child as well. Many teachers encourage students to use something called The 5 Finger Rule when selecting books.

Here is how it works:

-Pick a page in the book and begin reading aloud.

-Each time you come to a word you don’t know or have trouble problem solving, hold up a finger.

-At the end of the page, see how many fingers you are holding up.

0-1 fingers = too easy

2-3 fingers = just right

4 fingers = difficult. Try reading it with parents or friends

5 fingers= too difficult for now. Save it for another time.

Hope these suggestions help your child read happily ever after!

Mark Your Calendar:


18 - No School

20 - Terrific Kid Ceremony at 8:30am

30 - Back the Pack Winthrop Basketball Games - Women's at 1pm; Men's at 4pm


1 - 5 - Pennies for Patients

4 - PTA Meeting at 6pm

10 - Progress Reports

11 - Valentine's Day Parties

12 - No School

15 - No School

17 - Terrific Kid Ceremony at 8:30am


1 - 4 - Read Across America Week; Book Fair

3 - PTA Meeting at 6pm

14 - No School, Teacher Workday

16 - Terrific Kid Ceremony at 8:30am

19 - PTA's Family Health Day

25 - No School
30 - Spring Picture Day