The Cheater

By: Megan Hanahan

There once was a boy named James, James was a very honest boy. But one day, he just thought to himself, "I'm not very smart." Of course the day he thought that to himself, there was a HUGE test in math. James was very worried.

As soon as James walk into class he was nervous, "What if I don't pass? What if I don't know the answers?" James thought. The test were passed out, James looked at the first question, "I don't know this!" he thought as he went through. So he skipped every question until he reached one he knew, number 16, 4+64=?. "68" he thought. Then he realized he didn't know any of the other answers! So he peeked over his shoulder at Natalie's paper and wrote the answers before anyone else saw.

James's math teacher ,Mrs.Collins, called him into her classroom. He thought since he looked off of Natalie's paper, that he probably got a good grade. "James you missed every question but 16." Mrs. Collins said. James soon realized that cheating never pays off.

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