Miner Minutes

November 13, 2015

Staff Thanksgiving Celebration

We will be having a special celebration of the upcoming holiday and what we appreciate about one another on THURSDAY, November 19th in the media center at 7:45am. PLEASE make plans to attend and commune with our Miner Family!!!

Awards Ceremonies Today

Thank you SO very much to the many who contributed to the incredibly successful awards ceremonies today! The auditorium looked lovely and full of fall! Special thanks to Ms. Todd, Ms. Carpenter, and Ms. Brewer for those details. Thank you, also, to Ms. York and Ms. Gascoigne for the setup and logistics for the family celebration in the media center. Thank you to Mr. Koceja for making all of the certificates. And thank you to Ms. Messier and Ms. Dinkmeyer for managing the voting process for our 3 character award winners for respect. So many folks played significant roles for the success of all the ceremonies. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Also, you all as a staff looked fabulous!!! Please remember you get to wear jeans on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving!

EVAAS data for Individual Teachers

The 2014-15 individual teacher Value-Added reports will not be made available to teachers until the evening of November 19th. School users with a Value-Added report will receive an email once the reports are available on the web. Also, the evaluation dashboards (standard six and eight) are not part of this release and will not be available until a later date. ASW information will also be available at this same time. You will receive a direct email from SAS/EVAAS with this information.

United Way Campaign

Please remember we have just a few more days to participate in the Cabarrus County Schools United Way Campaign. The goal is simply 100% participation - no dollar amount attached. The funds raised go to almost 30 different agencies in CCS that do help contribute to our students in some way.

Positive Principal Phone Calls

Please feel free to submit any names of which you feel parents could hear a positive phone call from me! Thank you to those that have submitted names already!!!


Paper Tigers

We have the opportunity to attend a free screening of the movie, Paper Tigers. This is a documentary that chronicles a Washington based high school's efforts to support its student population, the wide majority of whom experienced toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences. The film is a powerful testament to the need for positive school climate and the ability of schools to respond to students' needs through a trauma-informed perspective. Following the movie, there will be an expert panel discussing adverse childhood experiences and how our local schools and community resources can effectively respond. Entry is free and the first 100 attendees will receive free popcorn and a drink. There will also be several door prizes throughout the evening. This will be December 7th at 6pm at the Gem Theatre. This has been opened to all CCS employees.

Other announcements

If you have borrowed a kidney tables with 6 chairs, will you please let Mr. Lord know? Apparently, last year, 3 kidney tables and chairs were purchased for administrative use, and they have since disappeared. We would like to use them in our math lab.

Also, the May 3 CCS teacher workday has moved to March 15th. Therefore, May 3 is now a regular school day.

PRISM Awards - deadline December 7th

This award provides up to $3,000 for one year to cover the cost of equipment, materials, and supplies. An additional $1,500 may be requested for professional development related to the implementation of new equipment or use of materials in the classroom. Awards are made to teaching professionals that hold a professional educator's license to teach in a North Carolina K-12 public school.


CMS Calendar Reminders

November 17: SIT meeting at 7:30

November 19: Staff Thanksgiving breakfast celebration at 7:45am in the media center

November 24: Grade level meetings

November 25-27: Thanksgiving holiday

December 1: school leadership team meeting 7:30am

December 2: progress reports

December 3: student expo

December 8: faculty meeting at 7:30am

December 9: Cabarrus Arts Council Poetry Performance 7th grade 12:45pm

December 10: Band/chamber groups concert at 7pm

December 15: grade level meetings

December 15: chorus concert

December 17: Band concert 7pm

Big 3 Goals for 15-16 School Year

  1. Student learning
    1. PLC alignment
    2. powerful instructional strategies we haven’t tried before
  2. Capture the hearts of students and staff
  3. Structures for student success (MTSS, Behavior, Discipline procedures, Facilities, Communication internally and externally, CULTURE)
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