From Oil to Plastic

Zaiden Ansley-3rs


Do you know what plastic is made out of read to find out.


Millions of years ago dead plants and animals where buried under the ground now they turned into oil the companies drill deep into the ground and use huge oil pumps to get the oil finally companies use oil trains and trucks to get to the factory


The companies put the oil in a shape maker then the oil is mixed with gas and chemicals they put resin granules in machine for about 5 minuets until melted into liquid and then poured into molds


People use plastic containers,water bottles,chairs,folders,legos,equipment,thermometers and many more things

Fun facts

1.7 million lego bricks are made in a hour 50 billion lego bricks are made in a year people that work at lego places make life size animals sculptures it takes at least 1 month to build A sculpture the word lego comes from the danish phrase leg godt witch means play well in 2011 more than 36 billion elements where made on average every person on earth 86 lego bricks to reach the moon you would need A column of around 40 billion lego bricks

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Maybe the chair you are sitting is plastic many things are made of plastic