NAU Semester Two Finally Starts!

18 crazy ladies return to PVCC

September 1st 2015 was just another hot day in Phoenix Arizona. As the time slowly ticked by throughout the day, a student in the NAU extended campus program was giving much thought to what she would be saying as class introductions were made. As I sat down with this 38 year old female student with two children she discussed how amazing it is working with autistic students within the Paradise Valley Unified School District. The rewards of having a job such as hers definitely outweigh the bad days.
Our student, who asked not be identified, will be known as "Dawn". She mentioned how the co-hort she travels through NAU with keeps her smiling and laughing. The bad seeds have been weeded out and they are left with only the brightest, supportive, upcoming education stars.
In her spare time "Dawn" likes to, unfortunately it was at this time in the interview she began to look at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. Apparently she does not know what free time is.
Good luck to all the NAU students in this co-hort while the summer winds down and the semesters begin.