A Peek at the Week

December 16, 2018

The Best Time of the Year!

Christmas break is almost here- just two and 1/2 days away. I hope this short week is filled with much joy and happiness with your students. When we get back, we want our students to set goals for the second half of the school year. You may want to go ahead and mention this to them so that they will be thinking about one academic goal and one personal goal. Let the week before Christmas break begin!

I missed you all last week!

Lost and Found

Please remind your students to check out the lost and found rack in the cafeteria this week. I want them to have their coats and belongings over the holidays.


We will have lots of parents here Wednesday for your Christmas parties. Please go ahead and have a sign-out sheet in your rooms so that parents can sign their children out with you. Please tell them that they do not need to stop by the office. The office gets overcrowded on days such as this, so we want to allow them to check out with you after your parties.

Wednesday Afternoon

Please do not bring your lunch Wednesday. We will have a meal together before leaving around 2:00 for the holidays.


As you leave Wednesday, please have your students help with cleaning up your rooms and placing chairs on desks. Our custodians may do a little waxing over the holidays.

I will see you tomorrow! Happy Short Week!