Mr. Corbly

Take a Dip Into His Background!

Mr. Corbly was born in Lexington, Kentucky. When he was younger he majored in Engineering. One of his goals for this year is to get more involved in programs and activities. When he is not at school his hobbies are: fishing, reading, and watching college football. The advice he would give his high school self is, give 100% to everything you do and never stop learning.

Teaching Experience!

Mr. Corbly is very passionate with his job. He likes teaching because he wants to help people achieve their dreams and goals. He enjoys interacting with students and other teachers the most about his job. He has had a great experience at Columbia High so far. He thinks it's fun meeting and getting to know teachers and students. At CHS he teaches Geometry, Probabilities & Statistics, Math Seminar II, and Principles of Engineering. If you ever need help with any of those subjects see him in room A. 121!

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