All About True New Borns

Hailee little

New Born Apperance

Parents expect a cute, perfect new born baby, but are soon shocked by how the baby actually looks. Their wetness, red color and shape of head seem a little unpleasant to the eye. New Borns all have vernix, lanugo, and milia when they first come out, but these things are only temporary. They can have many characteristics that seem unusual, but are actually very normal.

Bonding with your Infant

Some of the best ways to bond with your newborn are placing the infant on the mothers chest right after birth, skin-to-skin contact, feeding/changing the infant, bath time, eye-to-eye contact and singing/playing/reading with your baby.

Guidelines for appropriate toys for infants

Within the first few months the baby will appreciate things he/she can see or listen too more than feeling. They lean towards objects high in contrast/brighter in colors, sounds, and soft music. Some examples of toys are:

1-soft books with easy to see patterns

2-wind chimes

3-sock/wrist/ankle rattles

4-unbreakable mirror

5-soft toy that tweets/trills when pressed

Brest feeding ? Or Bottle feeding ?



  • It's free and always available
  • Developes ammunition for infant
  • Easy digestible
  • Helps mother lose weight
  • Can help prevent sids


  • Time consuming
  • Painful for mother
  • Mothers medicine may be hazardous to baby
  • Anything you drink, the baby drinks



  • More convenient
  • Anyone can feed the baby
  • On the go, easy


  • Expensive
  • Doesn't develop baby any ammunities
  • A lot of equipment
  • Lost a bonding way