Cars in the future

Money to the cars

First up was the news that the century-old American car maker was investing $500 million in ride-sharing startup Lyft. Then, a few days later, the company formally introduced the Chevrolet Bolt, a (relatively-speaking) no-frills electric car that promises to go 200 miles on a charge for about $30,000.

Perhaps it was the company in question, or simply the timing, but it reinforced the sense that fundamental change is coming to the world of transportation.


What makes this moment in the transportation industry so fascinating is that while the three trends I described above are broadly related through their reliance on computers, each of them are independent of the other. An electric car could be owned and operated by its owner; a self driving car could be powered by an internal combustion engine and used exclusively by its owner; a ride-sharing network could rely on drivers operating gas-powered vehicles.

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