Werewolf's of Wisconsin

Author: Johnathan Rand By: Cody Backus


I think the theme is loyalty to your friends because in the story when Colette falls Jessica picks her up to save her from the werewolf's.


The author tells that Jessica has blonde hair and brown eyes, or that James has glasses and runs like a turtle.

Point of View

The author use I, my, mine, we, ect. hinting that the story was in first person.


Wen Jessica and Colette are talking to Mrs. Owens (the librarian) it's important because they are talking about werewolf's and how to stop them.

Figurative Language

The author states that the substitute librarian is creepy and he's like a tiger stalking his prey and getting ready to pounce, Jessie like a turtle that's walking on banana peels.


Jessica, Jessie, James, Rob, and Tyler all in seventh grade that are all best friends.