Adelyn Hall


I am in a Talented and Gifted class for math. It comes very easily to me. I enjoy algebra and probability problems. I am good at problem solving.
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Language Arts and Reading

I am very skilled at writing stories. Last year, one of my stories on Microsoft was 15 pages long, and I am rewriting it now. I also enjoy reading fiction and fantasy stories. This year I finished a trilogy in less than a week.
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I am very creative and optimistic. I am good at making creative drawings, writings, and plays. I am good at making color schemes and painting, as well. Being creative has always came easily to me.


I like to be the leader. I usually come up with ideas and I work towards the best project I can get. I also try to make sure everyone is working. last year I was nominated for a trip to Washington D.C. for a leadership camp.
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