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phisycal appearence

the Ribcage looks like a cage made of bones where the bars are horizontal and swinging downward to the sides.


the ribcage is located in the chest because its job is protecting some vital organs (heart/lungs).  animals' ribcages are located in their chest too for the same reasons.

Other Organs

there are other bones in the skeletal system such as the skull. the skull, like the ribcage, protects other vital organs like the brain which is the most important organ in the body.
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facts of the rib cage and its system.

facts of the ribcage:humans have an average of 24 ribs. the number of ribs you have depends on what gender you are.the ribs ,unlike other bones, dont grow back when broken.according to the bible the reason why women have one more rib than men is because a rib of the first man was used to make the first woman. the ribcage bends on the front like rubber because of cartilage conecting the ribs.  facts of the system:  without the skeleton you would be a puddle of muscle and flesh on the floor with nothing natural to support you.the skeletal system produces blood so when you get hurt and you bleed there will be nothing to help reproduce that lost blood.muscles connect to your bones which allows you to move. the spine holds the spinal cord which can make electrical signals travel close to the speed of light. babys have more bones than adults.

what would happen if we were to remove the ribcage?

the rib cage, if removed would catastrophicly effect the body in a negitive way. the spine would be bent out of shape and the spinal cord would be relativly "exposed" to simple blows. along with that there will also be no protection for some vital organs like the heart and lungs. the smallest of blows can burst the heart and pop the lungs without the ribcage.

what other systems depend on bones and why?

the brain is part of the nervous system and the endocrine system. the brain is protected by the skull showing how both those systems depend on the skeletal system, but thats not all, the muscular system depends heavily on the skeletal system. without the bones the muscular system has nothing to grab onto to allow movment in the body, but thats still not all, the circulatory system also relys on the skeletal system. the blood in the body is produced in the bone marrow plus the ribcage protects the heart, and that is still not all, the resprotory system is protected by the ribcage specificly the lungs.


facts come from: the bible, and pictures come from: Bing images, skull: pictures: also: the elephant: ribcages: : finally: FOR READING!!!