Canada In 2040

What will the differences look like from now and then?

Canada Now

Canada's population right now is 35,524,732 people.The current Birth rate is 1.61 per 1000 people. The current Death rate is 8.31 deaths/1000 population.The rate of natural increase of Canada is 2.41/1000.The birth rate of Canada is 7.05 immigrants per 1000 people.The growth rate is 0.00991


100 or more years ago in Winnipeg manitou there are 68,000.25% of the urban aboriginals are under 15 years old.Young aboriginals have been moving to urban areas for over 15 years.When we reach 2040 i am guessing that most natives will move to urban areas of Canada so they can get better education.

Natural Increase in 2040

In the future Canada will have a approximate of a 40 million population.The population growth will slow done because of low fertility rate.The population can drop done to 35 million if there will be a low birthright and if there is no offset by high immigration rate.Because of low fertility rate in the future around 2030 deaths are expected to outnumbering births.For that being said immigration would be the only growth factor for Canada's