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December 14 - 18, 2015

This week in the ECC Library....

Lesson Learning Idea

Literature Appreciation: The students will gain an understanding of the concept of artist and illustrator.

Literature Appreciation: The students will be familiar with the concept of a sequel.

Please note.....

This week....

During our regular library schedule, we will collect library books and have a library story time. We will not check out new books this week.

This week, we will also collect 2X2 books. We will begin redistributing them after the Christmas break.

Thank you!

Author and Illustrator Rob Scotton

Enjoy Rob Scotton's website and a video of the making of the Myers Christmas Windows in 2012 using the book Russell's Christmas Magic.

(For decades the Myer Christmas Windows have brought light and joy to Melbourne, Australia, and this year they unveiled the 60th season of the Christmas Animated Windows at Myer Melbourne)

Cookies For Santa

I baked a dozen cookies
and I put them on a plate,
and I set them out for Santa Claus,
except for one I ate.

That cookie was amazing
and I couldn't quite resist...
so I ate another one
that I was sure would not be missed.

I knew it wouldn't matter
if I only ate one more.
Then I gobbled up another one.
Why not? That's only four.

I accidentally dropped
another couple on the ground.
I knew Santa wouldn't want them
so I swiftly scarfed them down.

Another couple disappeared.
I may have eaten those,
though I couldn't say for certain,
but I guess that's how it goes.

I figured four was likely more
than Santa Claus would need
so I polished off another few
with unexpected speed.

Before I knew what happened
all the damage had been done,
and I realized I'd accidentally
eaten every one.

I guess it's best, since Santa
sort of needs to watch his weight.
When he visits us this Christmas
I sure hope he likes the plate.

by Kenn Nesbitt

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My Gingerbread House

I made a house of gingerbread.
It was so sugary sweet.
It took me all day long to make,
But lasted just a week!
Monday - I ate the ceiling.
Tuesday - I ate the door.
Wednesday - I ate the windows.
Thursday - I ate the floor.
Friday - I ate all four walls.
Saturday - I ate the lawn.
Sunday - I licked up the crumbs.
My gingerbread house is gone!
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