Let's Revolt!

Stand up for your country, Texas!

Ready to start a revolution?

We, the people of Texas, are in grave danger. General Antonio López de Santa Anna, of the Mexican army, has relentlessly denied our independence. Well we are sick of this treatment! Come! Fight with us, for our INDEPENDENCE!

What you need to lead your successful revolution:

  1. 2-6 revolutionaries (players)
  2. The proper amount of character pieces
  3. All 20 history question cards
  4. Bag of Destiny (brown fabric bag) and all it's contents. (The cards that have numbers or people's name or location name.)

How to win the fight:

Get to the (Texas) flag in the middle of the board to gain independence from Santa Anna and Mexico.

Start the Revolution:

First place all of the question card in the designated area, question side up. Grab out all 6 player pieces.

Make sure all the number, location, or people cards are placed inside the brown fabric bag (aka. The Brown Bag of Destiny.)

You are now ready to start your revolution.

How to play the game:

First, you must pick your piece, you will be able to pick from one of six historical figures.

Sam Houston, William Travis, James Bowie, Santa Anna, David Crockett, and Stephen F. Austin. Allow every player to pick a piece that they wish to represent themselves and place them on the start.

When it is your turn, take a history question from the stack in the center. If you answer the question correctly, with your eyes closed, pick a number, person, or location from 'the Brown Bag of Destiny.' Move your pawn either that many spaces or to that person/location. If the question is not answered correctly, or the current player is done moving, the player to the left of him/her will begin their turn. Repeat with every turn.

Are you ready?

Now it's your turn to stand up and fight. Follow in the leadership of all the great men, and never forget those who gave their lives for your freedom, rights.

Remember the Alamo!

Remember Goliad!