An Interview with Ms. Cranford

By Alice Coreas

Rebekah Cranford is a Spanish 1 teacher at Birdville High School. She got a BBA in International Business and Spanish at UT Arlington, but was actually more interested in teaching Spanish. Rebekah is also the cheer coach at Birdville. After teaching all 6 of her classes she meets up with the cheerleaders and other coaches to work on there routines for their next games and competitions. In total, she works about 68 hours a week.
As you walk into her classroom you are greeted with Spanish posters of all kinds. There's the days of the week, the months, and numbers. Her classroom is not at all boring or dull. Its filled with different colors and happiness. It also smells good. Ms. Cranford loves to teach and also give a song of the week. To her , the song of the week is just another way for the students to learn Spanish and to hear it from someone else that isn't her. One of the things she makes her students do, is she makes them repeat after her every time she says a new word in Spanish. There is no slacking off when it comes to learning something new in Spanish. Students have to repeat after and participate in everything they do in class. She finds it easier that way to learn all things new.
Rebekah is a phenomenal teacher. She loves to interact with her students and help with anything they need help with. She loves to make things interesting in her class. She say's one of the hardest thing for her, is to keep her students interested in what she's teaching. It's one of the main important things to her also. (I think she's doing a good job so far). Ms. Cranford also says that on a scale of 1-10 it takes her a self motivation of 9. She doesn't really have any of the school directors or staff members walk into her class to watch it or help her with the way she does her teaching or to give some advice. Although their is no one that goes in, she does a good job at doing what she does. Her self motivation is great and even thought she works about 68 hours a week, that still doesn't stop her from keeping up with all 6 of her classes, and her cheer team.