a popular guitar music from the Dominican Republic.

Type of music

The word “Bachata” means “party” or “social meeting”.This is because in the beginning it was asociated with parties in any house in the beautiful city of Santo Domingo. Just like any other typical Latin music, it was born and grew up among the poorest social classes, in this case Dominican Republic.

History of the music

Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic with Cuban and Caribbean influences. The bachata music was known, from the beginning, as “música de amargue”, which means “Music of the bitter sides”, being a mixture of bolero and son (both styles from Cuba). The attractiveness of this Latin American music would gain spaces worldwide, but slowly. Fortunately, It is danced widely all over the world but not identically.

How to dance Bachata

Bachata music has four beats per measure. In Bachata dancing, the dancer takes three steps to four beats of music. Given its humble origins, the steps are flat footed. I have attached a video on how to do the Bachata below.
How to Do a Bachata Basic Side-to-Side | Bachata Dance
Prince Royce - Darte un Beso