Corey Hartland

Toronto, Canada

airfare cost and schedule

I am heading to Toronto,Canada for 15 days.

i am exuberantly waiting for my flight that will take off at 8:25 am.

I will then launch in to Ewr,Newark,NJ at 2:14 pm. From there i will take flight at 3:22 pm and hit the deck at 4:45 pm in Toronto Canada. I will probably be munching on some snacks in the plane while i am flying Economy class. That will only cost me $590 for a round trip to Canada and back.

Ill leave Canada at 6:35 am and arrive at Colorado at 8:15 am


while i am at my destination in Toronto Canada for my 15 days I would want to stay in the Grand Hotel & Suites. This hotels is a very luxurious in their Deluxe room. Each room has WiFi air conditioning and a amazing continental breakfast. all that will cost me $173 on kayak. But on Amoma it will cost me $213 per night and you still don't get the free continental breakfast. You can have 1 pet 20 lb or less. They also have a extremely nice pool with a hot tub. This hotel has 5 stars. but probably the best part is that if you get an upper floor you can look out over city of Toronto.[0].numberOfAdults=2&roomno=1&validate=false&previousDateful=false&reviewOrder=date_newest_first&childAgePerRoom=0&hotelid=190804&PSRC=KAYAK&


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

the biggest problem will probably be the fear of flying in the helicopter. that could be scary because I have a fear of heights. But I would get over that by knowing that there is a skilled pilot flying the helicopter.

The only other problem will be that about half of Canada speaks french but their second language is English.


over all Toronto Canada was a amazing. I loves fishing and hiking but the helicopter ride was terrifying at first. I made one stop but the over all flight was pretty cheap. And the hotel was kinda like my apartment but fancier. Also I had people waiting on me and catering to my every will. Lastly kayak was very useful for finding every thing.

The flight took less than a day and was very smooth ride with very smooth turbulence.