A beginner's guide.

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Task 1 - Class Creation & Best Practice for Adding Students

  • Create a class and add students
  • Class Code - students sign in and search for class through a code
  • Class URL - students sign in and are added to class
  • Easiest way to share a video and enable auto-enroll
  • Must have a class created and share from within that class
  • When students sign in they are enrolled
  • Future videos can be assigned to the class

Task 2 - Exploring Pre-Made Bulbs & Feedback

  • Explore pre-made bulbs and copy one to your class
  • Bulbs in "My Community" are created by members of your school
  • Copied bulbs can be edited
  • You can get to the analysis 2 ways: clicking on the 3 dots or click on your class and then the chart icon located next to each bulb.
  • Explore data from completed bulb

Task 3 - Bulb Creation

  • Find a YouTube video and copy the link
  • Create a bulb in Playposit and see where to paste that link
  • You can upload your own video content
  • Playposit Chrome Extension lets you pull a video directly from many sources and even create a video directly in Playposit
  • Examine the process of adding questions to a video
  • Add at least 3 different types of questions

Task 4 - Explore Bulb Settings & Sharing

  • Explore bulb settings - 3 dots in upper right-hand corner
  • You can allow viewers to rewind during questions
  • You can allow viewers to retake activity
  • Discuss sharing & assigning activities
  • Once students are in a class, you can share the bulb with them through the link
  • You can assign bulb and they will see it when they login
  • What do students see when they login?

Closure - Tie It All Up

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