GCDP Summit

V.I.P invitation

AIESEC Morocco is inviting you for the GCDP Summit

GCDP is the most rewarding and promising program in AIESEC Morocco, weither incoming or outgoing, we see a lot of potential in it and we want to grow big through it.
This term, we are planning a growth of 150%, reaching to 671 GCDP experiences delivered, which is an ambitious goal for all of us!
For this reason and many others, we're sending you this V.I.P invitation to the Summit, that only few performing members from LC/IG/SUs received it.

GCDP Summit

Saturday, Oct. 11th, 9am

Avenue Mohamed VI

Rabat, Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer

iGCDP and oGCDP membership of AIESEC in Morocco will gather in IIHEM, Rabat for a day summit. Sessions, workshops, coaching, synergy..etc.

Blocks of the GCDP Summit

*GCDP 2020 Vision: all together, we will come up with the real GCDP value proposition and plan for the growth we want to see in GCDP by the year 2020.

*Coaching sessions: based on our plans and on the needs of knowledge and experience in GCDP area, we'll attend sessions delivered by professionals and reflect our learning to AIESEC reality.

*Winter peak: represents 40% of our ambitious goal and represents our biggest challenge for the term, together we'll contribute to its success.

Your contribution to the GCDP Summit

As performing member of GCDP nationally, we're looking forward to your contribution to this summit.

How? by joining the group facebook above, you'll be taking part of discussions regarding GCDP as program and as brand, difficulties we face to grow it, GCPs from your entity and also discussions about the 3 blocks of the summit.