Born 2 B Wild


What is B2BW?

Born 2 B Wild is an organization based on protecting people from injuries and diseases from wild animals, and to protect endangered animals from being taken from the wild or their sanctuaries and being kept as pets. Help us protect everyone!
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Real Life Story: Women Gets Mauled By Chimp!

Travis the Chimpanzee was at home alone when he got out of his cage. His owners were not there, so they called their good friend to check on Travis. Travis was familiar with the women. When she got there, he was acting rambunctious so she gave him an anti-anxiety medicine called xanex, which he had taken before. After a while, he stole the women's car keys, and when she went to retrieve them, Travis tore most of her face off, and injured all of her limbs, she managed to call the police and they shot Travis on the spot, and he died later that night at the animal hospital.

Is it Illegal to Have Wild Animals as Pets?

In the state of Wisconsin, you must have a veterinary certificate of inspection if you have any pets commonly sold in pet shops, or if you get the pet from out of state. Though it is not illegal in Wisconsin, all states are different. Just because something is not illegal it doesn't mean it is a good idea.

The Dangers of Having Wild Animals as Pets.

For humans, it can be the most dangerous to have a wild animal as a pet. You can contract many diseases such as rabies, monkeypox, and much worse. You can also be injured by adult animals whose instincts kick in. For animals you may be endangering their species, and you would probably not be provided the proper environment for them to live in. The environment may be harmed because certain species would grow too large, while others could deplete.
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According to the Humane Society, “90% of rabies cases are caused by wildlife. It is less likely to get rabies from a domestic animal than from a wild animal”.
Associations of Zoos and Aquariums says that “You may end up getting hurt if you own a wild animal and the animal will not be in the proper enviorment, you could get sick, and you could even be hurting the species if it is endangered, if you decide to keep a wild animal as a pet.” “Keeping wild animals as pets is unsafe, illegal, and inhumane to the animal.” “Even though wild animals may be cute as babies, they can be dangerous and violent as adults.”


Animals are much happier, and much healthier, when they are just kept in the wild. Don't keep these beautiful creatures as pets! Protect you, yourself, and the animals by keeping wild animals in the wild, and domestic animals as pets.

The Statistics

More wild animals are kept as pets than there are in the wild. Such as white tigers, some people cage them or keep them as pets, and there are only 7 left remaining in the wild... The following picture is of what contained wild animal injures or kills humans each year.
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Our Mission Statement

To protect every person,
from wild animal attacks,
when keeping them as pets,
And to protect all wild animals,
from being unrightfully captured.


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