Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Samuel Bierle-5th period-10/14/2016

Don't let OCD rule everything

OCD is a non-behavioral disorder in which people have obsessions that bare time consuming,distressing or interfere with normal routine.

OCD is genetically inherited by parents

OCD is more likely to occur if a relative also has the disorder. Symptoms of OCD include obsessions, compulsions and time consuming behavior that otherwise wouldn't happen such as a fear of germs and bacteria, continuous hand washing, showering and grooming.

OCD has more symptoms in children than in adults

Children have exclusive symptoms that make them worry more about things and focus on unimportant things, other than a few extra symptoms though they have the same symptoms as adults.

History of OCD (Background)

One famous person from the past that suffered from OCD was Martin Luther, the first and most important leader of the Protestant Reformation in Europe, he would often recount his prayers and contemplate the wrath of god. another famous man was John Bunyan who was a writer and preacher, he also contemplated his account with god and worried he might betray god and utter terrible and blasphemous accusations against him. another example was Dr. Samuel Johnson, he created the first English dictionary and he suffered from a compulsion of "odd movements" as describes by a friend, he would never step on cracks, would always touch any pole he saw and if he missed one he would always go back to touch it. Charles Darwin also suffered from OCD, at night he would recount what he had done in the day so much so that he could not sleep, he was also self critical and pronounced himself as ugly. the most modern famous example is Howard Hughes, he would have cleaning rituals and fear contamination, he was an aviator, engineer, film producer and film director.

Treatments and medication

OCD cant be cured but it can be managed, medication and CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy).CBT is action oriented therapy that employs suggestions for changes in behavior. You can also use Anxiety therapy, Hypnotherapy(Hypnosis), and Acupuncture. There are also many medications that can help.
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