Do you have siblings

By: Peyton R. 6th period

Siblings can be older or younger. Just because some siblings are older, doesn't mean they can be the boss of their younger siblings and just because some siblings are younger doesn't mean they can say that they are the boss of the older sibling or tell the older siblings what to do. Younger siblings are mean because they want to get attention from other people, like your friends, random people, and even your other family members.

Whenever you and your family is at a restaurant with some friends, your sibling will try to annoy you. Whenever your at home in your room and your room has more than one window that lead to the front of your house, they will come in your room and look out the window to see if anyone is there.

Whenever you have a phone and your brother or sister doesn't , they will ask your if they can play on your phone but you don't want them to because you don't want your phone to die.

Siblings can be mean, annoying, and loud because they just want to get attention from others. Younger siblings get what they want from your grandma and grandpa or even your mom and dad. Whenever you have a friend over for a sleepover and your brother or sister doesn't, they feel lonely. Younger siblings get to do what they want to do and you have to do the same thing they want to do.

Younger siblings like to take stuff from the older sibling without permission. Some siblings can be nice and do stuff for their siblings and other siblings can be mean and not help their siblings.

The important thing you need to know about your sibling is that they love you and are really nice on the inside.

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