Week 4 Term 2 Panui

Monday/Rāhina - 23rd May 2022

Principal Message

Kia ora koutou Witherlea whānau,

Term Two at Witherlea is all about Hauora; meaning Wellbeing. There are many ways to focus on wellbeing and one of the ways we choose is through Te Whāre Tapa Whā which is a Māori Wellbeing Model from Dr Mason Durie.

To explain this model we can use the Sparklers website which is designed to support New Zealand parents and children with wellbeing through strong mental health. This is what they say about wellbeing;

"The most important thing for tamariki to understand is that many things contribute to our wellbeing. What is ‘wellbeing’? We like this simple way of defining wellbeing as – Feeling Good and Functioning Well."

Here is the LINK to their Whāre Tapa Whā activity.

Another way we focus in Term Two is having all our teams utilising the Fundamentals programme via the Stadium. We have had our whole Ponga Team through and this coming week is Kōwhai's turn. Students focus on water safety, swimming lessons, and basic sports skills through games which also supports students' ability to relate to others and communicate.

Sport, in particular, team sport is a wonderful way for children to make connections with others, and learn about themselves. There have been HUGE links between sport and strong wellbeing. We have started Netball for the season as well as Basketball and Hockey. There is also an opportunity to play Rippa and Sevens at school during lunch and our PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) set up games each day on the Ferns grass area. Take a look at the Waterpolo notice for 7+ years.

Another way to boost wellbeing is through the ARTS and you all know at Witherlea we love to dance and sing. We have even introduced Jump Jam and Singing straight after lunch for the whole school. Instead of a bell we blast the music across the school and the students come up for a dance before heading back to the class for the afternoon. It's hard not to leave with a smile.

Ensuring that we have a safe environment considering the wellbeing of all is on top for us this year. We have the fences in place and we have been given the opportunity to have extensive professional learning and development in the area of Behaviour gaining a spot in the PB4L: Positive Behaviour for Learning group along with 4 other schools in Marlborough and joining 4 schools that had already begun their journey. Once on this journey, it does not end however the first 3 years are the most intensive as we complete the training and align everything we can at school.

The first part of the process was to create a purpose statement - we would like to share what we have come up with to guide our mahi;

"Through modelling, teaching and rewarding positive behaviour we plan to create a supportive and inclusive environment within our Witherlea School community that is focused on empowering all learners to reach their potential in a kind, safe and fair, way."

Our next step is to reach out to our community so we can have your voice in formulating our Behaviour Expectations and what and how these will be taught to our students. We are gathering student voices across the whole school and with our staff this term too.

We are learning all about the WHY of behaviour, and how important it is to TEACH behaviour like any other subject when students are having trouble. We are striving for a whole school consistent approach and one that is easy to understand for our students, for our whānau and families and for our teachers; who will be ensuring we are consistent across the school.

This is exciting for our school because we are in such a strong position to take this learning and make our great school even better. With seven teachers and support staff in the PB4L Schoowide Team, we have representation across all age groups and we are bound to have success with Mrs Lucas and Mrs Robertson as our Leads.

We cannot wait to connect with you at our upcoming MATARIKI Hikoi (walk to the Teehouse) and Hui (meeting - with Milo and Scones). All our students are preparing by practising Karakia and Waiata and some selected students will be speaking in the morning. It starts at 7:30am and all Teams will be performing as well as OPEN classes to see all the hard mahi from this term.

Until then take care out there as COVID seems to be ramping up in the Tasman region. Please remember to WEAR your MASK at school, social distance and stay AWAY if sick. Most IMPORTANT: children must stay home if they are sick as we head into the FLU and measles season. We need to keep both out of Witherlea.

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair - Kia Atawhai, Kia Ora, Kia Tika

Ngā manaakitanga,

Andrea Harnett - Tumuaki

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The Ministry of Education collects ALL COVID case data in schools and has warned that we may have a second wave coming. This will be on top of the FLU season.

The other infectious disease that has been flagged is measles - if your child or children are NOT vaccinated then as a New Zealand school we implore you to do so. Measles can be deadly however we have a free vaccination for this... which stops the spread.


  • KEEP your children at HOME if they are SICK
  • WEAR your masks at school (adults on the school grounds)
  • Social distance and in particular in our classrooms

The Ministry of Education website has information regarding Measles as does the Ministry of Health.

We had our first case of COVID in February this year. It is important to remember that you are safe for approximately 3 months. So whānau and families who are coming up to 3 months you could test positive again at which you start the isolation process again.

We have a dedicated COVID page on our Website which links to the MInistry websites, Home Learning, our own Learning Portal and many other important links.


We have been notified about 53 positive cases this term - 13 of these occurring just before the return to school.

It is VERY important to let us know if your child is positive and/or whānau/family has a positive case. This will determine health and safety decisions at school and is reported to the Ministry so they can analyse data and support schools.

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Welcome to Witherlea School

We wish to welcome these new students and their families and whānau to our school and community;

Reo P, Mia M, Quinn M, Brayden B

Welcome to School Certificates are given out at our Flag Raising on a Monday morning at 9am. During Red Light, ONLY parents of New Students receiving Welcome Certificates can be onsite.

Term 2 Events - Wahanga Tuarua

Week 4 - Wiki Tuawhā


Fundamentals @ Stadium 2000 (All week)

Room Kowhai

Monday 23 May

Mihi Whakatau Welcome - Flag Raising Hui (Top Court)

New Students, Early Words, Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair Awards

Friday 27 May

Subway School Lunches

Week 5 - Wiki Tuarima


Fundamentals @ Stadium 2000 (All week)

Room Kauri

Monday 30 May

Mihi Whakatau Welcome - Flag Raising Hui (Top Court)

New Students, Early Words, Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair Awards

Friday 3 June

Subway School Lunches

Week 6 - Wiki Tuaono


Monday 6 June


Tuesday 7 June

Mihi Whakatau Welcome - Flag Raising Hui (Top Court)

New Students, Early Words, Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair Awards

Friday 10 June

Subway School Lunches

Last Day for School Photo Orders

Week 7 - Wiki Tuawhitu


Fundamentals @ Stadium 2000 (All week)

Pukeko and Room 3 and 5

Monday 13 June

Mihi Whakatau Welcome - Flag Raising Hui (Top Court)

New Students, Early Words, Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair Awards

Thursday 16 June

Playhouse Theatre presents; The Emperors New Clothes

Friday 17 June

Subway School Lunches

Week 8 - Wiki Tuawaru

MON 20 June - FRI 24 JUNE

Monday 21 June

Mihi Whakatau Welcome - Flag Raising Hui (Top Court)

New Students, Early Words, Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair Awards

Thursday 23 June

Matariki Hikoi and Hui @ 7am (Top Court)

Open Classes @ 8:15am

Friday 24 June


Week 9 - Wiki Tuaiwa


Monday 27 June

SCHOOL CLOSED - Term 1 Teachers Learning Day

Tuesday 28 June

Whole School Cross Country

Friday 1 July

Subway School Lunches

Ferns (Year 1) Reports go home


Mental Health Awareness

Week 10 - Wiki Tekau


Monday 4 July

Mihi Whakatau Welcome - Flag Raising Hui (Top Court)

New Students, Early Words, Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair Awards

Tuesday 5 July

Cross Country Postponement Day

Friday 8 July

Subway School Lunches


School Photos

School photo order forms will be going home with students today. Please return you order form complete with ID photo attached to the school office by the 10th of June. Online payments are to be made directly to Heritage Productions. The school does not take payment for these.


Please remember that when reporting a child's absence you MUST give a reason.

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair Shoutouts

Congratulations to these students who have displayed one or all of our school behaviour expectations and are a model to others;


Sophie M - Consistently making good choices and being a role model to others.

Cooper C - always showing kindness towards others. Cooper, you can always be relied upon to be a role model in our Pukeko room. Ka pai!


Rosa I - being an incredibly kind and thoughtful friend - you always look out for others and lend a helping hand

Arran D - You are completing all of your work with enthusiasm. You are showing a real flair for technology and a genuine interest in all things science, keep up the great Mahi!


Ben C - Making right choices and thinking before you act. You are becoming a great team leader. Keep up the great work.

Our first LUNCH with the Principal for 2022

Congratulations and THANK YOU to our Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair Winner; Lily P, Tayla K and Amelia-Rose C.

Such wonderful examples of our kaupapa (way of being) at Witherlea.

Early Words Recognition

Congratulations to these students for completing their Early Words;

Isla F, Simon R, Allie P, Corbin W

We are very proud of the effort towards learning that our youngest students put in as the Early Words is the start of mastery at Witherlea School.

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