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Memphis Blues Book Signing Q&A

Cheryl Mattox Berry has been writing stories since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Memphis Blues was her debut novel followed by Capital Sins. A Memphis native, Cheryl earned her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Her diverse career has included stints as a press secretary for a U.S. congressman; television reporter in Ft. Myers and Tampa; reporter for USA Today; and an editor at the Miami Herald.

She has also taught journalism at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Northwestern University, Florida International University and the University of Miami.

Cheryl and her husband, Jim, a CBS4 sportscaster, live in Miami. They have two adult children.

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Memphis Blues by Cheryl Mattox Berry

Set in the powerful backdrop of the 1960s civil rights movement, Memphis Blues will test the loyalty and strength of three people whose dreams were deferred. Will the women and the handsome doctor who controls them find their true callings? If so, at what price?

It was not the life she had planned. Nadine was looking forward to getting her first real job, then starting a business. But when she finds herself pregnant before she even finishes high school, the young man’s mother forces them into wedlock.

Carrie also saw her plans for a better life derailed after a fling leaves her pregnant with twins.

At the center of their angst is Cyrus, a man not yet ready to be a father…with his wife…or his girlfriend. Still, Cyrus manages to keep the two lives separate while coveting the life he really wants.

What’s Done in the Dark

Secrets don’t stay buried for long. Years later, when the three of them accidentally meet at a protest rally, everything changes. The fireworks that ensue suddenly alter the dynamic of these relationships forever.

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Capital Sins by Cheryl Mattox Berry

Author Cheryl Mattox Berry’s second novel, Capital Sins, takes readers to Washington, D.C., for a tale of lust, corruption, betrayal and blackmail that befalls a TV anchorwoman and a U.S. Senator.

Jan Malone has finally landed her dream job at the top-rated TV station. She’s living her best life when unforeseen circumstances send her into a downward spiral. She recoups with the help of Sen. Finn Thornton, a Republican from Texas with a shady past.

Things are going so well that Jan decides to take a vacation to Africa with her best friend, Kelly Mahoney. In Senegal, they meet Abdou Nyassi, a handsome, smooth-talking businessman who falls for Jan. A few months after their vacation, Abdou arrives in D.C., with grandiose business plans and continues pursing Jan. She eventually warms up to him.

Jan’s mother, Della Stevens who is suspicious of everybody, does some digging and finds out that Abdou might not be who he claims to be. Jan enlists the help of Kelly and street hustler Darius Hooks to help her find out who Abdou really is and his real reason for coming to Washington.

Will her friends’ motives be pure? Will Jan follow her gut instincts? Is there a connection to Capitol Hill?

Capital Sins exposes dark truths about ambition, greed and human nature. It also shows the remarkable resiliency of women; how self-love should precede romantic love; and the depth of a mother’s love.

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Book Launch - Capital Sins by Cheryl Mattox Berry

Book Launch - Capital Sins by Cheryl Mattox Berry


Tonight, I really wasn’t in the mood to go clubbing, but Darius said a change of scenery would be good for me.

When the elevator door opened, I heard Darius’s rap music blasting from his black BMW 730i in the driveway. I opened the door quickly, hoping no one in my building saw me getting into the car. He switched to the radio soon as I got in.

“Hey,” he said.

“My gawd, you’re going to go deaf with the volume turned up that high. You know the folks over here aren’t used to all that noise and cussing.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realize it was so loud,” he said, pulling into traffic. “You look nice in your gold dress.”

“Thanks. I’m feeling rather royal tonight. You don’t look too shabby yourself. Is that the leather jacket you got in New York?”

“Yeah,” he said. “My tailor did a good job taking it in.”

“That’s a pretty color, reddish brown. It goes nicely with your skin tone.”

“The color is called whiskey.”

“I’d love a tote bag that color.” I sighed. “Maybe I’ll get one when I get a job.”

Darius turned to me and said, “If you’re nice, I might get it for you.”

“That depends on what you mean by nice," I said. “So, tell me about this band. Have you heard them play?”

“No, but I read that they play a little of everything.”

“As long as it’s not rap,” I said, turning up my nose. “Some R&B would be soothing right about now.”

“What’s wrong?” he asked, turning to look at me.

“I’m feeling a little discouraged about finding work.”

“It’s going to take time. That’s hard for someone like you, who’s impatient. I know because I’m like that.”

His cell phone rang, and the initials KJ popped up. Darius declined the call and turned up the music.

“You can take it. I don’t mind.”

“It’s business, and I don’t feel like being bothered right now,” he said a little agitated. “I’ll deal with it later.”

The car was a little stuffy, so I cracked my window. “My agent said some journalists are going to Dubai and other countries to work because there are no jobs over here.”

“You thinking about that?” he asked, sounding alarmed.

“No, but I’m going to have to look outside TV to find work.”

“You got skills,” he said. “Just think about who else can use ’em.”

I adjusted my seat and turned toward Darius. “Actually, I’ve started making a list. The good thing about D.C. is that it has a million agencies, associations, and foundations, not to mention the whole federal government. It’s just a matter of finding the right one.”

“You will.”

“You know what? I’m sick of talking about being laid off.” I waved my hands from side to side, snapping my fingers. “I just want to dance and have a good time tonight.”

“We can do that.”

When we got to the club, Darius scanned the street, looking for a parking space. “You feel like walking a couple of blocks? I don’t want no punk valet up in my ride.”

“I don’t mind. The weather is nice. I don’t remember it ever being this balmy in October. I’m ready for the temperature to drop.”

“Never mind. The car up ahead is leaving.” Darius moved forward quickly and waited for the driver to pull out. Before we got out of the car, he said, “I’m actually looking forward to your kind of music tonight.”

“Really?” I said, drawing back. “You want to listen to music without racial slurs, that doesn’t objectify women, and makes you want to beat up somebody?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he said, opening the door.

When Darius came around to my side of the car, I continued messing with him. “Music that soothes your soul and makes you feel like dancing?”

“Yeah, I’m in the mood for all of that.” I hooked my arm through his, and we walked toward the club. “Just don’t talk the whole time, Jan. I want to enjoy the music.”

“Not a problem,” I said, making a zipping motion across my lips. “Just don’t ask me any questions.”

There was a long line of people waiting to get inside the club, but we walked past them right up to the entrance. When we reached the bouncer, he stuck out his arm.

“The end of the line is back there,” he said, tipping his head.

Darius pushed the man’s arm aside and said, “We got reservations.”

“Everybody got reservations. Take it to the back.”

“We ain’t standing in no long line if we got reservations,” Darius bellowed.

The man stood up and intentionally brushed against Darius when he motioned for two more people to enter the club.

“Bitch, don’t be touching me.”

From the look in Darius’s eyes, I knew things were about to get ugly. “Let’s go, Darius,” I said, tugging at his arm. “We can go somewhere else.”

The bouncer got in Darius’s face. “Who you calling a bitch?”

“You, muthafucker.”

“Come on, Darius.”

“You better listen to shortie before you get your punk ass whipped,” the man said.

“What did you say, nigga?”

Darius hauled off and punched the guy in the face. The man tackled Darius, and they rolled on the ground, arms flailing. I tried to break up the fight but got knocked to the ground. The crowd egged them on.

“Stop, y’all! That’s enough!”

They kept throwing fists. No one tried to intervene. When Darius broke free and got on his feet, I stepped between them. “Darius, let’s get out of here before —” All of a sudden, it felt like someone dropped a boulder on my head. Everything went black.

( Continued... )

© 2019 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Cheryl Mattox Berry. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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