November Issue


SCC Missions is sponsoring another Food Pack coming up November 21. From 9:00-11:00 in our Fellowship Hall, we will pack over 60,000 meals for the hungry in Ft Myers. The food will be given to the Harry Chapin Food Bank and distributed all over southwest Florida! The event is also the recipient of our Special Missions Offering. Watch the video below!

You can SIGN UP to participate HERE. After following the link, please pick the table of the person that invited you or the table describing how you heard about the event.

See you on the 21st!


SCC Missions Reponds

This past month SCC Missions responded to the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe. We sent a total of $16,000 to help meet the demanding needs. To make sure that the Gospel was a part of that effort, the money was sent to help our missionary on the ground in Jordan and also through Samaritan's Purse. Thank you, SCC, for your faithful giving to missions and helping to impact the globe for Christ!

Papua New Guinea Trip ??

As most of you know, the Owen family has been in Papua New Guinea since this past summer. They are now planning a VBS during one of their annual missions gatherings. The dates are Jan 18- 22, 2016. One of the needs they have is for people to run the VBS. If you are interested in helping by making the trip to PNG please let Pastor Brad know as soon as possible.

Lifeline Life Walk

If you believe in Pro-Life please consider joining us in Lifeline Family Center's Annual Life Walk. This is a great fundraiser for an incredible ministry right here in Cape Coral. Click here for more info (you need to register by Nov. 23).

Roatan 2016

"Our team wants to thank everyone that has so selflessly given so that we were able to go on this mission trip to Roatan. We are so grateful for a giving, caring, loving, missions-minded church."

Here are some pics from the trip.

A Word about Special Missions Offerings

Every month we highlight one of the mission partners with which we are in close relationship. These monthly offerings serve to expose the ministry to the larger congregation and help us raise the funds that we have committed to that particular partner for the 2015 year. If you have any questions about the SMO's or the missions budget in general please don't hesitate to contact Pastor Brad.

Jan- Renew World Outreach- $3,832

Feb- Feed the 5000 Now- $50,000

March- Amy Burns (YWAM)- $6,679

April (Sunrise Service)- Teen Challenge- $12,521

April- New Hope Church (Staten Island)- $14,887

May- The Blyckers- $9,823

June- Florida Baptist Children's Homes- $3,989

July- Give and Teach- $3,941

Aug- Verity- $5,146

Sept- Summit Christian Preschool Scholarships- $3,687

Oct- Trailways Camp- $6055