Room 220 News

January 8th News

This Week's News

We have done a great job getting back into the routine of school this week! In math we have started to learn about multiplication. We are using arrays and repeated addition as we talk about multiplying. Here is an example of an array and repeated addition for the fact 3X2=6.



School Supplies

Thank you to the families that sent in new school supplies! We seem to be especially low on glue sticks and crayons. Please check with your child and send in what they need as soon as possible.


We are having a hard time keeping our hats, gloves and mittens where they belong. Many children can't find the things they need to play outside at recess. I am starting to enforce a strict policy of hats, gloves and mittens being put in their coat sleeves as soon as they come to school or in from recess. I am hopeful that this will solve our problem!

Game Day Fun

Notes and Reminders

There is no school on Monday, January 18th.

This is your child's homework for 1/8/16-1/15/16

RAH- Big Bushy Mustache - read with your child and please wear a mustache :) if you can send in a picture of your family and the mustaches. We will hang them up in the classroom! - due 1/15

Math - Array Capture game - play with your child and return to school

Mustache adjectives sheet- due 1/15

Speak UP - Free Day! Bring in something you would like to share.