Newton's Law of Motion

By : Daija Cole

Newton's law of Inertia

Newton's law of inertia states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by unbalanced forces and an object in motion will stay in motion at the same speed and direction unless acted upon by unbalanced force.

Example #1 for Law of Inertia

A piece of paper is placed on top of a glass cup with a penny on top of the cardboard at rest. When the cardboard is flicked the penny still stays at rest while the cardboard paper slips from underneath it causing the penny to drop into the glass cup and be at rest there.

Example #2 for law of inertia

A car is driving and the driver doesn't have a seatbelt on when the car hits the brick wall the driver is flipped out of the roof/windshield and hits the wall also the object in motion is the car at first and the object that stays in motion is the driver/

Newton's Law of Acceleration

Newton's law of Acceleration states that the acceleration of an object by a force is inversely proportional to the mass of an object and directly proportional to the force of an object.

Example #1 Newtons law of acceleration

There is to cart one cart holds a smaller block and the other holds a bigger block. The cart that has the smaller mass while getting pushed will have a greater acceleration the cart that has the most mass because it will take a lot of force and the mass will weigh it down.

Example #2 for newtons law of acceleration

Two kids are trying to pull two rocks off of a table the kid on left has a rock with a mass of 96 while the kid on the right has a mass of 30 the kid on the left is going to have to use more force and less acceleration to move the rock than the kid on the left because the kid on the left's rock is bigger than the kid on the right.

Newton's Law of Action Reaction

Newton's law of Action Reaction states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Example #1 for the law of action reaction

A bunch of kids shoot a rocket the rocket shoots of in the air and gas is released from the pressure of the rocket making it the action the reaction of the rocket is when the flies into the air because the gas released the pressure and made the rocket shoot upward

Example #2 for newtons law of action

A balloon that is blown up at a birthday party get's untied and the air in the balloon is released causing the air to shoot downward which is the action and the reaction is when the balloon shoots upward because the air was released.

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