Hamilton Boys' High School - Term 2, Edition 2, July 2020

Alexander Nielsen (Year 12), National Piping Solo Champion

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Alexander Nielsen (Year 12) and Patrick Chen (Year 13 day boy) are both wearing the new Hamilton BHS kilts. Here they are performing a hornpipe called 'Duncan Johnstone' at the Year 9 formal assembly in the school hall on Tuesday 30th June.

Alexander is the Pipe Major of the Hamilton BHS Pipe Band. Alexander was awarded a Hamilton BHS Gold Honours Award badge by the Headmaster, Mrs Hassall, at the senior formal assembly on Wednesday 1st July.

Alexander is a national piping solo champion having won the prestigious bronze medal for piobaireachd at the Hastings Highland Games. Alexander backed this performance and result up with another first-place in the premier solo piping event at the Paeroa Highland Games in February this year, taking out the highest grade piobaireachd event, a competition that had over a dozen competitors. Congratulations Alexander.

End of Term, School Reports & Parent Evenings, Teacher Only Day and the House Competition

The end of the school term concludes this Friday 3rd July at 2.15pm. All families are free to collect their son from 2.15pm through until 5.30pm when the Hostel will close for the term, at both Argyle and Grove. Please ensure you enter a Boardingware leave request for this Friday and enter a return day as well.

The staff and I are all extremely proud of the positive way in which the boys have handled the unique and challenging conditions of returning to the Hostel and school after lockdown. I know the boys were so pleased to see each other and to be in each other's company once again when we re-opened under Alert Level 2. The boys just got on with the changes to our systems that ensured safe physical distancing and hygiene practices. Our boys showed tremendous resilience at a difficult time as they sought to re-establish their learning and study routines in the day school while re-adjusting to Hostel life.

Moving to Alert Level 1 allowed the school to map out a return to sport, club and cultural activities, along with a revised school House Competition. The Matthew Allen Cup Hostel House Competition generated some wonderful Argyle spirit with two evenings of Basketball and General Knowledge events across the year levels.

Prefects and Senior Leaders

I would like to commend our Prefects and Senior Leaders who have worked alongside our young men to support them in their day-to-day lives in and around the Hostel. Our Year 12 Dorm Leaders have shown genuine care and empathy for your son's needs this term and they have been one of the main reasons the Hostel is so settled. Our Year 13 Prefects and Senior Leaders, led by Head Prefect, Harry Russ and Deputy Head Prefects, Lachie Roose and Aaron Couper, under the guidance of Senior Master, Matua Mita Graham have driven the Matthew Allen Cup events that the boys love to participate in. Cole Northcott's Sutherland House holds a slender two-point lead over Angus Valler's Bennett House.

Harry Russ and his team of Prefects and Senior Leaders at Grove initiated having dinner on a Wednesday evening with the Year 9s, as a way for the Year 13s living at Grove to interact more with our young boarders. This has been well received by our Year 9s.

House Competition

Unfortunately, Argyle finished 6th in the House General Knowledge Quiz held this week and were placed 4th overall in House Basketball, thanks to our Junior team who went through their 5-game round-robin competition with only one loss during the 5 lunch hours. This has dropped us back to 2nd place on the overall House standings after 6 events, 5 points behind the leaders Wilson House and 5 points ahead of Taylor House. We have Chess, Indoor Football, Indoor Rowing, Tug-O-War, Haka, Service and Singing to look forward to in Term 3. The boys need to be practising their chess skills and strategies over the holiday break as this is our first event next term!

Food Committee

This committee made up of two Years 9 - 13 students, Matron, Mrs Cecelia Lake, Head Chef, Mrs Kim Furcy and myself, had our end-of-term meeting this week. The boys came up with constructive feedback that Kim will use to modify menus for the new term. As a result of this discussion, all boys were sent a survey yesterday to complete on Google Classroom. The survey asks each boy to record what they want to keep and what they want to change for breakfast, morning tea, lunch (packed and in the dining room), afternoon tea, dinner and supper. A big thanks to Master, Mr Hayden Marrow, for setting up and administering this survey. It needs to be completed this week.

Report Evening

The Years 9 - 13 Report Evening is being held on Thursday 23rd July (Week 1 Term 3) from 3.00 - 7.00pm in Gymnasium 1. You are welcome to have your son attend with you so you can both hear the feedback from your son's teachers. Senior School subject reports will be available to access on the HBHS portal from tomorrow.

Teacher Only Day

A reminder of the scheduled Teacher Only Day on Monday 20th July, so the Hostel will re-open from 5.30pm on this day. All boys are expected to have returned by 7.30pm on Monday evening or 8.00am on Tuesday morning. Please use Boardingware to state your son’s return day and time for the start of the new term.

It is always a challenge over the latter stages of the winter term when the boys are tired, but they have all managed themselves extremely well and deserve a well-earned break. I'm sure you will enjoy some quality time with your son over the holiday period. We look forward to seeing all our boys return safely and refreshed ready for the start of the new school term.

As always, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Kind regards

Murray McKenzie

Head of Boarding

021 516 477

Welcome to our New Boarders:

Caedin Taumata (Year 13), Tokoroa

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Max Kennedy (Year 9), Papakura

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Corban Denize (Year 9), Pio Pio

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Rique Miln (Year 13), Te Puke

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Reuben Heal (Year 10), Pukekohe

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Assistant Master, Ms Wendy Moffitt, at hostel reception

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Wendy is an Assistant Master who resides here on-site at Argyle House. She is on duty from Monday to Wednesday 3.15 - 5.00pm, Thursday 2.10 - 5.00pm and Sunday afternoon 12.00 - 5.00pm. Wendy is also an English and Media Studies teacher at Hamilton BHS. Her responsibilities at the hostel include overseeing the Argyle Facebook page. The boys are fortunate to have Wendy looking after them as they return from school each afternoon.

Matthew Allen Cup Basketball, Wednesday 17th June, Gymnasium 1: Sutherland wins 3 - 2

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Sutherland House wins the Year 9 game.
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Bennett House wins the Year 10 game.
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Bennett House wins the Year 11 game.
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Sutherland House wins the Year 12 game, meaning the Year 13 game will decide who wins the Matthew Allen Cup Basketball overall.
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Sutherland House wins the Year 13 game and wins the Matthew Allen Cup Basketball 3 - 2 overall.
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Head of Sutherland House, Cole Northcott, proudly holds up the Lake Shield as overall winners of Matthew Allen Cup Basketball.

A big thanks to Hamilton BHS PE teacher and Basketball Coach, Mr Ellis, for giving up his evening to come along and officiate all 5 games.

Matthew Allen Cup General Knowledge, Wednesday 24th June, Prep Room (Juniors) & Dining Room (Seniors): Bennett wins overall 2 - 0

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Bennett House wins the Junior General Knowledge event.
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Bennett House wins the Senior General Knowledge event, so wins the Matthew Allen Cup General Knowledge quiz overall, giving Bennett House a valuable 2 points.

A big thanks must go to Assistant Master, Ms Wendy Moffitt, for setting the quiz questions and to Matua Mita Graham for overseeing the senior leaders running the event, and to Mr Jeremy Quigley for his assistance supervising one area and marking the answers.

Sutherland House now holds a narrow 2-point lead over Bennett House 8 - 6, with 2 more terms of competition to come.

Matthew Allen Cup Chess is the first event of term 3.

Matthew Allen Cup points board after two terms of competition

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Effective use of School Diaries by Years 9 - 11 Argyle boarders

Dean of Boarding, Mr Jeremy Quigley, regularly checks Years 9, 10 and 11 Argyle boarders' school student diaries when on duty, during the hours of prep, to ensure they are using them as a tool for effective prep and their general learning.

At our Tuesday evening house meeting on 9th June, Mr Quigley presented $5 canteen vouchers, $10 canteen vouchers and $20 movie vouchers to those boys that had:

Level 1: used their diary effectively and consistently throughout term 2. ($5 voucher)

Level 2: used their diary effectively and consistently in both terms 1 and 2. ($10 voucher)

Level 3: outstanding use of their diary consistently in both terms 1 and 2. ($20 voucher)

Level 1 ($5 canteen voucher)

Ricci Putohe

Matthew Riley

Jack Paterson

Jahrius Enright

Azazel Pihama-Anderson

Haami Waenga

Henry Seavill

Jack Verry

Angus Reeves

Johno O'Brien

Iotia Teokotai

Taylor Sherlock

Josh Syme

Tana Clapham

Snowden Hemi - Hill

Caylus Brighouse

Leo Scott

Ashan Barr

Jack Broomfield

Level 2 ($10 canteen voucher)

Nikau Dromgool

Daniel Garland

Stefan Newman

Joshua Reihana

Kiwa Rata

Dylan McConnell

Jay Wilson

Jake Rabarts

Hamiora Riki-Pahewa

Harrison Grainger

Blake Irwin

Kane Gibberd

Thomas Verry

Ryan McConnell

George Unsworth

Level 3 ($20 movie voucher)

Mikhale Dave

Preston Brydon

Keaton Reti

Joseph Lorimer

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Level 3 ($20 movie voucher) L-R: Mikhale Dave (Year 9), Preston Brydon (Year 9), Keaton Reti (Year 9), Joseph Lorimer (Year 11)
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Year 9 voucher winners holding their diaries.
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Year 10 voucher winners holding their diaries.
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Year 11 voucher winners holding their diaries.

Hamilton BHS Basketball, House Competition Event, Monday 22nd - Friday 26th June. Argyle House 4th Place

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House Basketball Official Results - see below

Hamilton BHS General Knowledge, House Competition Event, Monday 29th June (Juniors) & Tuesday 30th June (Seniors). Argyle House 6th Place

Argyle House finished in 6th place after results from the junior and senior competition were combined. Our junior and senior teams finished in 5th place.

Argyle House now lies in second place overall on 25 points after 6 events, 5 points behind current leaders, WilsonHouse.

Argyle House Junior General Knowledge Team - 5th place

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The Argyle House, 6-Man Junior team in action

Argyle House Senior General Knowledge Team - 5th place

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The Argyle House, 6-Man Senior team in action

House General Knowledge Official Results - see below

House Competition Results Update after 6 Events - see below

Year 13 Outdoor Education Rafting expedition, Kaituna River, Rotorua, Friday 19th June

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Year 13 Grove students on this trip were Angus Valler, Jonty Parrott, Aaron Couper and Rique Miln and their teacher and Grove Master, Mr Logan Asplin.
Rafting down the challenging Okere Falls on the Kaituna River.
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NCEA Level 1 Physical Education (11PY), Lawn Bowls

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Charlie Anderson (Year 11) and Hamish McRobbie (Year 11) practice their lawn bowls technique as part of Achievement Standard 1.1.

Te Uira Palmer (Year 13) and Max Chow (Year 13): Field Setup responsibility

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Te Uira and Max have the paid responsibility of setting up the Hamilton BHS football and rugby fields each Saturday morning and then breaking them down later that same afternoon. They set up the football goal nets and rugby post protectors as well as flags for all 8 fields.

Here they are learning how to drive the quad bike with Groundsman, Mr Mike Retter.

Their day starts at 6.30am on a Saturday morning.

Year 10 boarders playing Table Tennis Four Square in the Junior Games Room

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Live rugby returns to Sky TV

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The first live rugby game in the world with spectators returns to our TV screens with our beloved Chiefs in the first of the Super Aotearoa rugby games.

Man Of The Week

Hamiora Riki-Pahewa (Year 10): Week 12 Term 2

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Runner-up in the HBHS Refugee poster competition that had 42 entries.

Flynn Pierce (Year 10): Week 11 Term 2

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Top mark in his class for his Science test.

Renata Palmer (Year 11): Week 10 Term 2

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Attaining an 'Excellence' grade for his well developed and presented speech on 'Being Maori'.

Max Chow (Year 13), Week 9 Term 2

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Conscientious approach to ensuring the Grove ran efficiently during Alert Level 2.

Man of the Weekend

This is a new initiative proposed by our Weekend Matron, Ms Holly Pass. The $5 canteen voucher is awarded at our weekly Tuesday evening House meeting to the most helpful boarder over the weekend. Lachie volunteered for supper duty and was helpful for Holly in numerous ways over the duration of the weekend.

Lachie Pickett (Year 10), Week 11 Term 2

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School Links Emails to Parents/Caregivers from School:

Reminder - Study Smarter Workshop

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Wednesday 24th June

Study Smarter Student Workshop - Monday 6th July

Presenter: Karen Boyes – Study Skills Expert

Venue: Hamilton Boys’ High School Study Centre Time: 9am to 3pm

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Students from the Hamilton area are warmly invited to attend the Study Smarter Workshop on the first Monday of the upcoming school holidays. The presenter, Karen Boyes is described as Australasia’s “Mrs Education.” An expert in effective teaching, learning and living, Karen turns her research into practical and simple-to-use techniques that create success. Her workshops at Hamilton Boys’ have proven to be immensely popular in previous years, with attendees learning some excellent strategies for studying and preparing for examinations.

As the Founder of Spectrum Education, an author, publisher of the Teachers Matter Magazine and an Associate Director of the Institute for the Habits of Mind, Karen is an expert of teaching and learning throughout the world. A dynamic presenter, she inspires teachers and students globally.

Students will learn the powerful strategies that make a difference to their study. Through the use of simple, easy to apply and yet practical ideas, students can boost their own performance and exam results.

Please see attachment for more information and registration details.

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


BUSIT Ticketing Changes - 6 July 2020

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Tuesday 16th June

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Please find attached information from BUSIT regarding changes to their card system from Monday, 6 July 2020.

Thank you.

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


HBHS Photographs

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Friday 12th June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Hamilton Boys' High School Summer Sports photographs and Tutor Group photographs (taken in Term One) are available for you to view and order online with PhotoLife Studios.

Your son will be bringing home today, an online slip with your unique 'Shoot Key' detailed on it. This Shoot Key will bring up all photographs that your son is in. It is then an easy process for you to shop online and purchase the photographs you want.

All orders placed before 5 July 2020 will be dispatched back to the school and your son will be able to collect them from the School Shop. Any orders placed after 5 July 2020 will be sent directly to your specified delivery address and will incur a $6.00 postage and packaging charge.

Thank you
Liz Caskey

HBHS Headmaster's Message Thursday, 11 June

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Thursday 11th June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As we move to Alert Level 1, I am very pleased to be able to take this opportunity to thank you all, for everything you have contributed to our world over the past 12 weeks. It has been a time of uncertainty and anxiety for all, and now, as we begin to hold assemblies, as classes regain the full momentum in teaching and learning, and as we plan the beginning of the Winter sport season, we must continue to feel grateful. With the emotion of gratitude, comes happiness and a greater sense of contentment, even when we face challenges and disappointment in our lives. So it is important to encourage the young men of the school to reflect on all of the many positives we have in our world, thanks to the commitment of so many.

We are working through the ongoing changes to our school calendar, as we strive to commit to rescheduling and maintaining as many activities as possible, while recognising the importance of maintaining a settled, "focussed on learning" Term Three. An updated, live calendar is available to you on so that you can remain aware of any changes we have made.

We remain committed to best practice in hygiene, and we will continue to send home any student who appears unwell. Although we are blessed to be back to a normal routine, we remain vigilant, and our expectations on our students remain high. Part of our sense of gratitude as a school, is for the wonderful young men we work with, every day, and for their willingness to support us in realising our goal to remain safe and well.

After three and a half weeks back, the school is settled and engaged, and both staff and students are very positive about the remainder of the term, and of the year. I hope that the return to normal for you, and your families, has also been as smooth and happy.

I look forward to sharing the opportunity to enjoy watching sport, on the sidelines, in the gymnasium, and at the turf, through the weeks ahead. And to take time to listen to some wonderful performances by our young men, in music, drama and debating.

This morning, I realised a dream, when I opened, with our Director of Culture, Mr Dent, a parcel containing our first, custom made in school colours, kilt. Our Pipe Band will now be the smartest in the country, as well as the best. And, as we opened this precious package, I once again reflected on the joy of the world of HBHS, where so much is given, by so many. And that is something for which we must all feel grateful!

My very best wishes for the remainder of the term; enjoy the beauty of these amazing, perfect Winter days, and enjoy our ability to share them, together.


Susan Hassall

NCEA Update

Emailed out to all families by the school on Friday 5th June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Ministry of Education has recently made a few changes that will affect the structure of NCEA in 2020 due to COVID 19. To this end, NZQA has released the following statement to help understand these changes.

To help address this and support students, the following changes are being made to NCEA and University Entrance (UE) requirements for this year:

  • Students working towards an NCEA can gain additional credits, based on the number of credits they achieve during the 2020 school year. These additional credits will be known as Learning Recognition credits. For every 5 credits a student achieves towards their NCEA either through internal or external assessment, they are entitled to an additional 1 credit. Students at NCEA Level 1 are eligible for up to a maximum of 10 additional credits while those at Levels 2 and 3 are eligible for up to a maximum of 8 additional credits.
  • Students will be awarded a certificate endorsement if they achieve 46 credits at Merit or Excellence level, rather than the usual 50. Students achieving 12 credits at Merit or Excellence level in a course – rather than 14 – will be awarded a course endorsement.
  • Current UE requirements have been reduced from 14 to 12 credits in three UE-approved subjects. Students still need to attain NCEA Level 3 and meet literacy and numeracy requirements to be awarded University Entrance.
  • External NCEA examinations and NZ Scholarship examinations will now take place from 16 November 2020 to 9 December 2020. This will provide extra time for teaching, learning and assessment in Term 4.
  • The submission date for subjects which require students to submit a portfolio (for example, Design and Visual Communications) has been extended to 12 November 2020, to give students more time to complete their portfolios.

These changes have been designed to encourage students to continue working towards their NCEA and to ensure that the NCEA attained by this school year is just as valid as those earned in previous years.

Ngā mihi
Phil Basel

Our two Argyle House Parent Representatives for you to contact about any hostel matters

Mrs Shay-Lee Wylie (Te Kuiti)

Feel free to contact me by email

Mr Alistair Reeves (Te Akau)

Feel free to contact me by email