War Horse

Michael Morpurgo


Its is 1914 and World War I has just started. Joey a red bay farm horse, has been thrown onto the battlefield. Away from his home in the barn, and his best friend Albert Narracott, he struggles with the change. Joey discovers the hardships that come with being an artillery horse. He comes face to face with friendship, hard work, loss, and struggles. This emotional book will take your feelings on a rollercoaster. War Horse will take you to a close up of what war really is like.
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Meet the Author

Michael Morpurgo is a talented author and literature writer. He has written over 100 books. Plus he has earned the Children's Laureate with his work. Although besides being an author he is a husband, father, and a grandfather. He has three children, and is blessed with six grandchildren. He also had a profession as a teacher, when he decided to write children's books. He inspires his writing with real life situations and truths and realizations. That is why his stories are so diverse, interesting, and popular. Michael plans to keep writing his wonderful works of art.

Character Descriptions


When Joey was a colt he was separated from his mother. And was soon sold at a horse auction. He comes face to face with his new abusive owner. The young farm horse soon met his soon to be best friend Albert. Joey was then sold into the war, because the owner needed money. Here Joeys strengths are tested along with his weaknesses.


Albert a farm boy who grew up loving horses is now faced with an even bigger challenge than he ever had before. Joey his beloved horse has been sold into the war. Albert is stunned with the news, and can't bear to part with him. He is anxious to get into the war to save his horse. Only things aren't looking bright for Albert to find dear old Joey.


Topthorn is a sleek black stallion with incredible skill and companionship. He is a great friend and guardian to Joey. Only when the war gets tough, will he be able to withstand the circumstances.

Emilie's Grandfather

He is a kind old soul with a warm caring heart. Although when the horses were left at the farm Emilie and him took care of them. He sees the potential in the horses. However when Joey is in danger will he help him?


"This book was a very emotional ride." - Gwenyth Marcy
"War Horse is superb and is suitable for any reader. It was beautifully written, and has a strong message about war." - Gabrielle Bingener

" I would recommend this to another person, who is interested in and horses." -Madison Eisenhard


" I tell you that I am the only sane man in the regiment. It's the others who are crazy, but they don't know it. They fight a war and they don't know what for. Isn't that crazy? How can one man kill another and not really know the reason why he does it, except that the other man wears a different color uniform and speaks a different language? And it's me they call crazy! You two are the only rational creatures I've met in this stupid war, and like me, the only reason you're here is because you were brought here. If I had the courage - and I haven't - we'd take off down this road and never come back." - Crazy Old Friedrich

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Book: War Horse

Publisher: Scholastic
Smore Made By: Gwenyth Marcy, Gabrielle Bingener, Madison Eisenhard