Blizzards And Tornado

Natural Deserter


Blizzards can cause terrible disaster. This is because blizzards are snowstorms that last a long time with high wind, and produce insane amounts of snow.Cold air at the surface, lots of moisture, and lift are three things you need to create a blizzard. In addition a warm front must go over the top of cold air. Also ice crystals put together make snowflakes. In conclusion, if conclusion are right an innocent snowstorm could turn into a disaster.

Tornado's In Texas

Tornados in Texas are like blizzards in Wisconsin, they happen a lot. Texas

holds the record, 120 a year when it is hot. Winds can reach 300 mile

per hour winds, texas tornados terrorizes towns during showers

Bang, crash, whoosh the tornados is touching down. Rapidly

spinning tub of air that extends from clouds to ground. The

US has the most on earth, but Texas gets hit the

worst. The deadliest tornado touch down in

Quebec nothing was left, not even a

speck. Texas has terrible


Tornado's And blizzards