New apprentice needed

What do printers do ?

Printers help in a lot of diffrent ways. They spred important news by making newspapers. Another way they help is if someone could not read or write the printer would make the ad for him. Apprentice's lined up block's of type that would go in the paper. Printer's would print 200 newspapers in 1 hour. The apprentice also put's the block's of type into a frame.
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The printer at work

Why are Printers Important?

We printers are very important. You need to know this stuff if you want to work for me! So listen closly! We spread news about America's freedom. My fellow printer Thomas Jefferson's idea was first printed on the Clementina hand held press. Us printers print laws proclamations (king orders) for anyone to read. Another fellow I know is Parks. He owns a double bayed window shop. It served as an post office, an advertising agency, an office supples shop, a news stand, and a book bindry. We sell record books. We print business forms, magazines, and maps. Without us you don't have this stuff so that's why we're important!
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The ink hanging up to dry

Important tools

We printers have many important tools and here are some of them. At first you will be an apprentice. When I want you to make a new article you will line up boxes of type. And then you will show it to me and if I like what I see my assistant will put ink on it with two leather pads. Then my assistant will turn a giant screw that will press the inky blocks of type and the paper together. That will make words on the paper.
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The printing press

Interesting facts

  • apprentices train for ten years
  • Ben Franklin was a famous printer
  • the post rider carries post and news on horse to colony to colony
  • Parks started Virgina's first newspaper in 1743
By Ann, Jack, and Oliver