Samarium Element Number 62

Sandra Domine Mrs.Burling 8th 2/9/16 Chemistry

Wanna know about my element?

  • Element Symbol:Sm
  • Atomic Mass:150.36
  • Melting Point:1,074 C
  • Boiling Point:1,794 C
  • # of protons:62
  • # of neutrons:88
  • # of electrons:62
  • Classification:Lanthanide series
  • Cost for element:$7500 for kilogram
  • Element Family: Rare Earth Metals
  • Origin of name: smartskite
  • Year of discovery:1879
  • Discovered by:Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaurden
  • electron Configuration:[Xe]4f66s2

Fun Facts

  • Used for nuclear reactors.
  • Interesting Fact:It is believed to simulate metabolism,but it is not essential to the health of the human body.
  • Its common compounds are:Samarium Chloride(SmCl3)

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