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Head Teacher Newsletter - Friday 9th June 2023

'For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.' Ecclesiastes 3:1

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Good afternoon Crawford's...'Good afternoon Mr Francksen'... I will certainly miss hearing this mantra and seeing all the glowing faces on a day-to-day basis!

The sun is out and we find ourselves rattling toward another successful year at Crawford's.

Whilst we have a whole host of exciting and purposeful learning to continue, it is also the time when we begin to consider our plans for September.

As you are now all aware, this will be my last year at the school - I would first like to take this opportunity to offer my own thoughts and feelings regarding my departure:

Leading Crawford's Primary School has been the greatest privilege of my life! The journey has, at times, felt arduous and I still liken it to a rollercoaster ride at Alton Towers (every day for 6 years). That said, "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” and I would like to believe that the experience of being the headteacher in Haughley has given me so many experiences that have made me the person I am today. I have invested my blood, sweat and tears (there's been a few) and my soul into this school and it will be a very difficult day when I leave for the last time. It has been my second home, my sanctuary (at times), my inspiration, and my 'calling'. I am so proud to have worked with such an incredible team of human beings and educational heroes (it took some time to find them admittedly) and I have certainly made friends for life! For me, it is a new, exciting venture but also a much-needed opportunity to create the time and space for my wife, two children, Lottie (of course) and my family whom I simply would not have been able to do this job without. So, whilst it's not farewell, it is goodbye for now!

In light of my departure, I would like to welcome Jo Ling to the helm - I've mentioned before, the school means a great deal to me and there's a lot of truth in my leaving at this time because I feel completely at ease and confident in the safe hands in which I'm placing the school! Jo is a brilliant human being who really understands children and places them at the core of everything she does. She will require your patience, respect and belief in her as taking on headship is quite a challenge! She knows this but she is also steadfast in continuing to offer the children and families of Crawford's the very best culture, love and education! I wish her well!

As Mrs Ling will be taking on the acting headship, we will be welcoming a new addition to Crawford's team, Miss Julia Kozirko; Julia will become the new Class 1 and Reception teacher. She is a specialist EYFS teacher that lives and breathes the world of early childhood development.

I would also like to welcome Mrs Natasha Faiers who will shortly take up the role of Office Manager. Natasha has long been an advocate for the school and she brings with her a skillset that we feel will really exude the Crawford's culture.

It is sadly, the time to also say goodbye to Mrs Mason. Max will be leaving us at the end of the year as she embarks on a dream move to Cornwall. I cannot begin to express how wonderful Mrs Mason is and what she has helped us achieve at the school. She is the kindest, most nurturing practitioner and human being I have ever met. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Max and I know I speak for everyone when I say she will be hugely missed! She has become a part of the fabric and although it will be a sad day when she leaves, I am so grateful that she came into our lives! She made a BIG difference that will long have an impact on us all! Go for it, Max!

Both Mrs Ling and I will be communicating in the next few weeks with regard to the classroom/teaching structure; I am pleased to confirm that the changes will be minimal and we will in fact be building the team whether that's more hours for some or more opportunities.

Have a lovely week...and please send the children in with water bottles and ensure they are fully sun-creamed up!

Mr F

Diary Dates:

Monday 12th June - Phonics Screening Check, Y4 Multiplication Times Table Check

Wednesday 14th June - Haugley Pre-school transition

Thursday 15th June - KS1 cricket event

Friday 16th June - Class photos

Thursday 22nd June - Year 6 Crucial Crew Trip

Tuesday 27th June - U9 rounders festival

Thursday 29th June - Induction of the new vicar

Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th June - Year 6 Stowupland transition day

Tuesday 4th July - U11 rounders festival

Thursday 6th July - Sports Day

Wednesday 12th July - Young Carers gold celebration

Friday 14th July - School reports for parents, Year 6 end-of-term trip

Wednesday 19th July - Year 6 leaver's service

Thursday 20th July - Rock Steady concert, End of term service

Friday 21st July - Last day of term

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Healthy Snacks

Please ensure your child has a healthy snack in school to have at break time - e.g., a piece of fruit, carrot sticks, muesli bar, yoghurt tube. No chocolate bars or crisps please, and nothing containing peanuts.

Younger children (YR to Y2) have fruit or vegetables provided by the School Fruit & Veg Scheme.

Please note, that any snacks brought in to school will be collected by the Class Teacher and handed out at break time. Therefore, please can you ensure that any tubs, bags, etc are named.

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Allergy Awareness - Nut Free School

We are an allergy-aware school and would like to remind all families that there may be pupils in school with a nut allergy. If a child with a nut allergy comes into contact with nuts, or with a pupil who has eaten nuts, then this could lead to an anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction to a trigger such as an allergy.

Because of this, the school cannot accept products containing nuts to be provided in lunch boxes or for eating at other times.

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Safeguarding & Wellbeing

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Communications Flow chart

This is a gentle reminder that we have a flow chart, which will assist you in directing any queries, issues or concerns. Please utilise this so we can best support you and your child/ren.

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