7 Maroon Newsletter

What's Happening in December!

Welcome to 7 Maroon!

This monthly newsletter is to inform 7 Maroon families about what's happening on our team and in each of our classrooms. Here are some important announcements:

Dates to Know:
-Dec. 11th: The last day any previously assigned work can be turned in for credit--appies to ALL FOUR CLASSES

-Dec. 18th: End of the First Semester

-Dec. 21st- Jan. 5th: Winter Break

-Jan. 6th: Students Return

Be sure to check out teachers' individual webpages for calendars and class specific resources. Click HERE to go to the team's page.

Social Studies

Students presented their Mesopotamia Menu projects to wrap up our unit. We began our next unit on Egypt by learning about the mummification process and tried it out using salt, baking soda, and cinnamon on hot dogs. We will continue to observe them for about 20 days. Students will learn about the impact the Nile river had on Egyptian civilization, as well as hieroglyphics, beliefs, and the lifestyles of ancient Egypt. We will take a document based assessment the last week of school before break. Continue to check the website for homework and assignments as the quarter winds down.


Please check Mr. Ortiz's website.

Language Arts & Advanced Language Arts

Both classes are working on examining poetry. The big project with this unit is a poetry recitation. Throughout the unit, students will read and analyze poetry, and then they will analyze one poem independently and then recite it for the class. Vocabulary and Outside Reading are on-going.

Dates to Know:

12/4: Outside Reading Projects (or book talks for ALA) DUE

12/9 or 12/10: Poetry Recitations DUE

12/11: Last day to turn in work!

12/16 or 12/17: LA Basics Mid-Term

12/18: Vocab. Post Test (for LA only)

Math (Grade Level and Accelerated)

We are entering the homestretch for the end of the semester.

In Grade level, we will be having a unit test over solving equations, distributive property, and combining like terms. This test will be given on 15 December. You will notice a lot of review problems in their HW utilizing rational operations with decimals and fractions. This is deliberate, as these skills, learned primarily in prior grades, form the foundation for the rest of the year. In Advanced, we continue to work with Exponential Growth and Decay. Our last evaluation of the year should occur on 16 December. In both classes we will take two additional essential skills tests in December, on the 2nd and the 9th. The fastest way for a student to raise their average is to complete the review packets for the essential skills quizzes and retest. Also, all HW and assessments can be corrected and resubmitted for credit. As stated above, the 11th will be the last day that I will accept late HW for credit. I plan on giving only graded classwork during the final week so student's can focus on their other classes.