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What are you gonna do when you get in a scrape? Not to worry! At Lawfully Wonderful Lawfirm.Inc, we know how to deal with your tough issues.
What is a Plaintiff? Good question! A Plaintiff is a person who files a case against you. You will know if this has happened if you receive a summons, to report to court. You can also have your attorney respond for you. A complaint and a answer result in pleading.
If I Know I'm Guilty, what would you have me do? If you know you are guilty you can offer a settlement. Or you and the plaintiff can have an arbitration, also known as a Mediation, which is when a judge makes a verdict and settles an issue by him or herself. If the plaintiff does not want a settlement or an arbitration, than you must go to Court.
Whats a Pretrial Conference? Its when you and the plaintiff and the Judge have a meeting before the actual trial.
I have a case and Its said I have a Preponderance of Evidence.. What does that mean?
That's awesome! That means as the defendant, you have better evidence than the plaintiff. Well done!
If I don't think the courts decision is right, what can you guys do for me? Well, we can always appeal to a higher court, to see if our case can have a different verdict.

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