The US & Canada

Comparing The USA and Canada

US and Canadian Map

This map shows the

borders, states and provinces

of America and Canada.


Canada and The United States are both "More Developed Countries". They are major trading partners.Canada is currently USA's largest trading partner with $632 billion traded goods both ways during 2013. The US has a 1.6% higher unemployment rate. USA also has 9.6% higher debt than Canada. Overall Canada is a lot more economically stable than The US.


The US has a 9.2 times more people than Canada does! The vast majority of The US and Canada are white. The US and Canada's most practiced religion is Christianity. The literacy rate in both countries are exceptionally high, both at 99%! Culture is drastically different all through both countries because of all the migration from other countries. The US speaks mostly English while Canada speaks both English and French.


Laws in both Canada and The US vary in different states/provinces. Both Canada and The US are democracies. Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a prime minister and parliament. The US is a republic with a president and Congress.

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