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Genesis Pastrana


I believe that the state should not execute dogs for biting a person.

b/c its not fair that state is killing animals just for a bite.also if the dog/animal did way more damage then we can talk about whats gonna happen to the dog/animal.but in my opinion if the dog/animal did for damage than a bite,well we should handle it like if it were to be a person just make a dog jail for them or something and train them how to be nice and only attack when there is trouble. #dogs help in many things around the world for many people.

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I don't think they should get executed because maybe there is a reason it bites someone. Maybe it was trained to and it is the owners fault. Or maybe it has been abused or beaten.


Why kill dogs for biting someone.....They don't know any better!!!!!!

If they bite someone it's most likely out of self-defense and also they're probably just playing with you and don't realize that they hurt you


Dogs shouldn't be executed for biting someone!!!

I believe this because no one really knows a dogs real motivation to bite. They could have seen someone as a major threat


It depends on the circumstances

A dog will generally only bite someone when the dog feels threatened, is protecting someone or something, has been abused, or is trying to snap up food you are holding out for it they rarely bite you just to bite you.


No! Why? Just don't!

Imagine, your the owner of the dog that's about to be executed in front of your eyes and all you can do is dwell in your sorrows. There is one thing I know and that's "Animals shouldn't die because of humans. They weren't meant to be killed by us.

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