Explorer Monthly Newsletter

November 1, 2022

Galvan's Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Empower Explorers to Evolve into Future Ready Citizens in a Safe Learning Community.

Galvan Celebrations Are the Best! ♥

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Thank you to our Galvan Families for a Successful Fall in the Hall!

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Galvan Faculty and Staff Use the CKH EXCEL Model Daily to Build Strong Relationship with our Explorers♥

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Character Parade 2022

Galvan Elementary 进行了直播。 | By Galvan Elementary | Facebook

Dates to Note:

November 3rd- PTA Family Bingo Night @ 5:30 pm

November 9th: Holiday Prepaid Pictures

November 17th- Family Movie Night @ 6:00 pm

November 18th- No School for Students

November 21st-25th- Thanksgiving Break

Galvan Dress Code 2022-2023

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November- Teamwork

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is the ability to work in unity with others towards a common goal. For us to learn how to become team players, it is important that we learn to listen, encourage our peers, and allow and invite others to contribute their talents and skills.

Why focus on Teamwork?

  • Teamwork improves communication: Teamwork helps us improves our verbal and non-verbal communication skills, conveying that we care and a relevant message.
  • Teamwork builds interpersonal awareness: Growing a great team requires us to first build strong relationships through better understanding ourselves and others.
  • Teamwork celebrates diversity. Teamwork thrives from diverse ideas that come from a mixture of different genders, cultures, expertise, experience, and problem-solving approaches.

Teamwork in Action:

  • Call them a team, not a class or group. A group consists of many different people. A team, however, has a common purpose and a shared responsibility for success.
  • Require teams to set expectations for and manage their own behavior. Do not tell teams what type of behavior is expected -- let them decide for themselves with a Social Contract.
  • Teach and encourage affirmations. Giving affirmations helps connect the team and builds trust, promotes engagement, and boosts a positive culture.

District 2022-23 Calendar

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