My Life as a Quest

By Sarah Irvin


The rose blowing in the clear air represents my youthful excitement at Disney for the first time. As a six year old, I was in complete awe of the freedom I had in this beautiful place.

The fruit in the sun represent the fulfillment of my dream to become a successful actor. This lead gave me a reason to better myself and truly reach for my goals.

The yellow lights in the night represent the weakness I felt after both of my cats died. I had felt isolated and I wasn't sure what could be done to fix that feeling.





A Worrier


Willing to Try New Things

The cloudy landscape represents how I worry about the unknown but also do my best to respect those less fortunate.


The red square represents the stability I will have in my future to explore my acting potential. Rockford University is the best fit for me as it will secure my future and teach me how to truly portray emotions such as passion, anger, and excitement, while also letting me live in the moment.

The fireplace represents the security I will have as a dog owner. Dogs are dependable companions that will care for me as I care for them with unconditional love.

The fruit and crescent moon represent the transition I will undergo into the fulfillment of my ultimate goal.