Opening A Snapchat and Not Replying

History of Snapchat

Three college men created the app together. It came after one of the men wanted his pictures he had sent to a girl to disappear. The app launched in July of 2011 known as "Picaboo" and had 127 users by the end of the summer. Two of the men got into a fight about the name and changed it to Snapchat. Snapchat now has more then 100 million members and is worth around $19 billion or more. Snapchat features include filters, face animations in which some are free and some you can buy, and various media outlets (buzzfeed, cnn, iHeart radio, and people) and magazines featuring articles and events. It's relevant to people today because most teenagers use this app as a form of communication with each other, as well as businesses using it for advertisements. People can also have a way to stay up to date with any famous people they like.


1. Don't open a snapchat and not reply

2. Don't end a streak

3. No stories more than 45 seconds

5. Don't send a snapchat of something that's already on your story

Official Rules

1. Don't snapchat while driving

2. You must be 13 or over to use snapchat

3. Share moments and have fun

4. Don't send snaps people wouldn't want to receive

5. Don't post anything illegal